Friday, August 5, 2016

President Obama: ‘They Gotta Start Acting Like President’ If They Want To Get Top Security Briefings

Daily Mail: Loose Lips sink ships!: Obama warns Trump – and Hillary – that ‘they gotta start acting like president’ if they want to get top security briefings – and can’t ‘spread ‘em around’ if they do

* Obama was asked after meeting with his security team whether Donald Trump should be able to get classified security briefings
* Under longstanding policy, party nominees get top level briefings
* Trump spoke at a rally Wednesday and described video evidence of Iran receiving a huge cash payment, although no public video exists
* 'If they want to be president they gotta start acting like president'
* Obama confirmed a report that US paid Iran $400 million in CASH because we couldn't just cut Iran a check due to existing sanctions
* Denied the payment was 'ransom,' saying: 'This wasn't some nefarious deal'
* Called Trump's claim that the election will be rigged 'ridiculous'
* Races through remarks but endures a follow-up question: 'I'm gonna be late for my birthday dinner'

President Obama delivered a stern warning to Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton about protecting classified information, warning that they had better 'start acting like president' if they want to receive the most sensitive information.

Obama got asked about Trump receiving classified briefings as the party nominee at a Pentagon press conference Thursday after the president met with his security team.

Obama began by defending the current practice, saying that, 'If somebody’s the Republican nominee for president, they need to get a security briefing so that if they were to win they are not starting from scratch in terms of being prepared for this office.

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WNU Editor: 'If they want to be president they gotta start acting like president' .... hmmmm .... someone is being very patronising.


TWN said...

When is he going to start to act like a President.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another lie from Obama. he has always come across as very smug