Monday, August 15, 2016

Russian Media Wants Donald Trump To Win The U.S. Presidential Race

Washington Times: Donald Trump winning over Russians, Moscow-run media in U.S. presidential race

Donald Trump says he wants a better U.S. relationship with Russia, and the state-controlled media in Russia are rooting for him, too.

Although most Russians aren’t paying close attention to the U.S. presidential election, the majority of those who are following the campaign favor Mr. Trump, the GOP nominee, with their views shaped by positive portrayals in Russian media. As a result, they view Mr. Trump as a maverick, and they don’t like his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, who’s cast as a warmonger.

A poll this month by the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion found 34 percent of respondents in Russia expect relations between Moscow and Washington to improve if Mr. Trump wins in November, while only 6 percent said they would improve if Mrs. Clinton is elected president.

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WNU Editor: I am in Moscow right now .... and yes .... Russian media, the pundit class, think tanks, Russian politicians, etc., they see better relations with a Donald Trump in the White House than a Hillary Clinton. But while almost everyone is saying that relations will be better if Trump is President, no one believes that he will win .... that the American media, the U.S. foreign policy establishment, the defense establishment, and the economic elites are firmly against him .... and they will influence a win for Hillary Clinton. What's my take .... never underestimate what happens in U.S. elections .... the debates and October surprises have yet to happen.

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Aizino Smith said...

Hillary is a sick women in thought deed and body.

She is a bobble head.

She will literally be a figurehead for a significant portion of her administration.

Hillary makes a skeksis look honorable.

Hillary will be a 4 day a week president. This does not faze people like Huma, wife of Mr Sexting, because they will be the power behind the figurehead