Saturday, August 6, 2016

Russian President Putin Just Issued A Chilling Warning To The United States

Antimedia: Vladimir Putin Just Issued a Chilling Warning to the United States

As the United States continues to develop and upgrade their nuclear weapons capabilities at an alarming rate, America’s ruling class refuses to heed warnings from President Vladimir Putin that Russia will respond as necessary.

In his most recent attempt to warn his Western counterparts about the impending danger of a new nuclear arms race, Putin told the heads of large foreign companies and business associations that Russia is aware of the United States’ plans for nuclear hegemony. He was speaking at the 20th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

“We know year by year what will happen, and they know that we know,” he said.

Putin argued that the rationale the U.S. previously gave for maintaining and developing its nuclear weapons system is directed at the so-called “Iranian threat.” But that threat has been drastically reduced since the U.S. proved instrumental in reaching an agreement with Iran that should put to rest any possible Iranian nuclear potential.

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WNU Editor: A renewed Cold War is one of Russian President Putin's top concerns .... but no one is listening to his warnings.


Aizino Smith said...

"But that threat has been drastically reduced since the U.S. proved instrumental in reaching an agreement with Iran that should put to rest any possible Iranian nuclear potential."

Obama did good. He fast tracked Iranian nuke development and he knows it.

Young Communist said...

Probably some idiots think that the Putin warnings are signs of weakness.

RussInSoCal said...

Because an arms race with the US went so well for you last time. Right, Putin?

Jay Farquharson said...

I think Putin's threat was a bit to subtle for you.

He's not threatening an Arms Race, he's saying that just before the US ring of ABM sites, and new first strike weapons are complete, ( which would "neutralize" the Soviet arsenal), Russia will have no choice but to start a Nuclear War.

Anonymous said...

Action is louder than words so what so wherever the world is over

B.Poster said...

While some of the accusations against and assumptions in the artice about America ard ridiculous and I wouldn't know where to begin to try and address them. I t dods serm clear trying to do this through the media is going to be impossible as Putin supporters dominate the world media.

Examples are US ABM weapons posing any sort of threat to Russia. These systems have as much chancd against the advanced Russian nuclear weapons as a horse has against a tank. NASA is going to colonize the moon by 2022?!!? The US doesn't even have a manned space program and must currently rely on the Russians and is a number of years away from even a rudimentary manned space program.

With that said there are some possibilities for agreement and compromise that could be reached under the Trump Administration. 1.)Remove the ABM sites from Eastern Europe, they are incapable of being a threat to Russia and cannot be altered to do so (another myth in the article ) and the systems are only serving to inflame the situation. They have negative utility. 2.) Revamp and renegotiate NATO. 3.)Adopt policy positions on Ukraine, Crimea, and Syria that are in sync with Russia. 4.) Work to bust and end sanctions against Russia.

Under the Trump Administration such changes may be possible. This would be sufficient reason absent anything else.

Where we will not be sble to agree is on our nuclear arsenal. The American nuclear arsenal is old and may not be reliable. Without substantial upgrades to the nuclear arsenal including the delivery systems the United States will be virtually defenseless against a number of major powers.