Friday, August 19, 2016

Russian - Ukraine Tensions Continue

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CBC: Analysis: 'A very dangerous game': Russia vs. Ukraine showdown reaches risky new level

The neighbours are exchanging heated allegations and getting ready for battle

The tension flare-ups just keep coming in the armed confrontation between Ukraine and Russia and now the military buildup at the borders has reached the most dangerous level in two years.

This is a bad one. The latest showdown has caused Western capitals to fear Russian President Vladimir Putin might be about to launch a whole new battle with Ukraine that would be just the start of a deeper armed conflict.

The situation escalated last week when Moscow accused Ukraine of sending sabotage teams armed with explosives into the Crimean peninsula, which Russia seized from Ukraine and formally annexed in 2014.

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RussInSoCal said...

I think a Russian invasion is imminent. Before the seasonal rains come in October. And they will face opposition only from the hopelessly outnumbered Ukrainian army. And Ukraine will usurped into Russia once again.

fazman said...

You mean the blankets, night vision goggles and MRE wont deter him?

fazman said...

When will the west learn that when they start a game they need to play until the end not walk away at the 1st quarter

If we had supplied large amounts of javelins and mothballed 1992 mlrs systems it would temain a frozen conflict.

fazman said...

When will the west learn that when they start a game they need to play until the end not walk away at the 1st quarter

If we had supplied large amounts of javelins and mothballed 1992 mlrs systems it would temain a frozen conflict.

fazman said...

You mean the blankets, night vision goggles and MRE wont deter him?

RRH said...

President Putin and the majority of Russians have no appetite for an invasion or
"ursurped" Ukraine.

It is Poroshenko and the UkroNazis, backed by "the west" who are pining for , and working to provoke, a Russian military move. After that, they'll loudly play the victim in front of their very receptive "western" target audience. The welfare money and other "aid" will continue to flow while Russia is once again branded the aggressor in need of correction.

That's the plan anyway.

But sadly, the Russians will choose the soft spots to hit (for instance harping on the neauseating and persistant Nazism in the Ukraine, the corrupt and deadbeat nature of its government) while selectively amping up the support for the Donbass free Republics when needed. All while the Ukraine continues to self-destruct and completes its inevitable transformation into the Liberia of Europe.. Butt Naked Boys and all.

The desire to "usurp" basket case Banderastan exists only in the warped imaginations of unreformed "western" red baiting, projectionist Russophobes and their hysterical eastern European groupies hankering for a visa to do for a Euro what others won't do for less than 10.

Who the f-k wants Ukraine?? Nobody. And that's what makes the Ukrops so salty.

Jay Farquharson said...

Even the Western Ukrainian's don't want the Ukraine, with 5 million in Russia, 1 million "grey legal" in Eastern Europe and the whole West of country waiting for a "Visa Free" agreement with their bags already packed.

RRH said...

"and the whole West of country waiting for a "Visa Free" agreement with their bags already packed."

The Euro-Maidan's major cultural achievement:

Living out of a suitcase at home. Forever.

Glory to the Heroes!!!

RussInSoCal said...

RRH, thanks for the alternate reality rant. And thanks for validating my statement.

Ukraine is "provoking" Russia the same way Poland 'provoked" the Nazis in 1939. You could take Von Ribbentrop's complaints almost word for word and apply them to Putin's surrogates right now. Screaming about the horrible violations they're suffering and demanding that NATO get a hold of their Ukrainian lapdag, or else. Just substitute Poland and you have the scenario I described above.

"Consequences will happen!" The Russians are telegraphing a ground assault and setting up the provocation.

But you'll deny this outright and twist this conflict (and any other) to fit your hateful anti-western narrative.

Jay Farquharson said...

Enjoy your NeoCon world and endless war's.

RussInSoCal said...

Its the world we live in, Jay. For good or ill. Being a history guy, you have to agree/understand that, throughout history, our world is one governed by the aggressive use of force. I believe the West and US in particular have been a force for good.

/btw I'm not a neocon. I'm a paleo one.

Jay Farquharson said...

Say hi to to the Cookie Monster for me.

RRH said...


I recall writing something about projection...

Funny you'd mention the Nazi Foreign Minister while you run cover for the moden incarnations Hitler's Freiwilligen Divisions.

So, yeah, my "hateful anti-western narrative" includes calling out the re-habilitation of Nazi collaborators, "alternate reality" fairy tales about "revolution of the heroes" and military support for said "heroes" through my taxes.

You should save the Putin = Hitler shit for more "paleo" forums such as Fox or Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

As for your "force for good",

you're FOS.

Aizino Smith said...

There were endless wars before people were blubbering about neocons and there will be endless wars after people stop blubbering about neocons.

Pick an appropriate sized mesh for any given time period and test the hypothesis.

Aizino Smith said...

The Triple Entente was a cause of war?

But that was over 60 years before any neo-cons or people blubbering about them.

RRH said...

"There were endless wars before people were blubbering about neocons..."

And there will be endless wars until people with the same attitude as the neocons are stamped out.


So I guess the folks critiquing or describing, calling out and resisting the Timurs, Huns, Mongols, Settlers, Aztecs, Nazis, etc of their time were just "blubbering".

Ok. Fine. I don't want to hear anymore blubbering about the USSR, let alone Russia.

RRH said...

I love the "in the world we live in" lectures. They are so reminiscent of manifest destiny.

"Memorieeeessss of the wayyyyy we were..."

Aizino Smith said...


Iron the Lame (Time-i-Lenk) was a neocon? Other than the hypocritical boozing Timur was a good Muslim.

Ditto for Hitler? Was he a Neocon?

How about Mussolini, a hero of the Left?

Come on RRH, stick both feet into your mouth and tell us how the Mongols were neocons.

I am sure one as pure as the wind driven snow and as erudite can tell us.

You are probably so pure, you can't write your name in the snow.

RRH said...

hey Aizino,

Your ad hominem is showing.

Just like your ass

A good place for a foot to be planted. No?

Oh? that's right, like a good little closet Nazi, you want it kissed.

RRH said...

Spin us a tale about how neocons don't desire to impose their will through force on everyone else. Make sure you spice it up with the oh so common and "erudite" red, muslim, whatever baiting we have become accustomed to Aizino.

You or your President (and he is , after all, YOUR President) couldn't lick a three legged shitzu.

And by all means, keep baiting and projecting. That's what all right wing punks at good at.

I dont have to be "pure" to take the likes of you. Nancy.

RRH said...

Nom nom nom nom, best toes I ever had....

Even better than cookies.

Aizino Smith said...

1) I want you to prove your thesis that all the past conquerers were neocons or thought like neocons. Global Research has not penned that paper yet?

2) I think you are hurt that some anti-Stalin socialist left the fold. This on top of the fact that they became anti-Stalin in the 1st place.

3) I never heard of neocons until well into GWB's presidency. Y''all are real upset that Harry Reid et al could not screw up the 2007 surge. He said the war is lost to know effect and so you went into a dizzy tizzy.

4) As far as I read the Left, they have impugned everything republican or conservative going back to WW1. It is not just Goldwater. It is not just opposing FDR. It is everything. If their voters and activists had the time or attentions span they would go all the way back to Abraham Lincoln.

There is nothing conservative that a good socialist like from neocon, paleocon, whatever likes.

I like how you cry ad hominem and ignore everything else. It is a good stall tactic or diversion.

RRH said...

It was ad hominem as is so typical of you. I ignore what isn't worth listening to. I'll bet you are ignored a lot.

If only your reading comprehension skills were as strong as your running of the mouth skills. I wrote "attitude" Boo Boo. Pay attention or go run a hot bath.

You're way more worried about me than I am about you. Being as pure as I am, it surprises me you would attempt to engage me as you do. Being not quite so pure as the driven snow, however, I do not recall proposing, promoting or defending a march to world domination. That's your sxhtick.

If there is one person's opinion I care about less than yours, it's Trotsky's.

I don't recall proposing any thesis nor do I recall you being an authority, on anything other than masquerading as an intellectual and playing word games to feel smart, to defend it in front of. The only bigger fraud than your self appointed position as Professor on this forum, is your so called conservatism which you constantly try to disasdocuate from the abortions that have slid down its thighs.

I wonder, Aizino (f-all worth listening to right now), if you've ever taken responsibility for a single thing in your life.

You are just like your President who you claim to despise (if so STFU and give back the goddamn phone), you like to come off all confident, smart and authoritative until the bull shits in the buckwheat and you're held to account for your abject, repeated, criminal failures. But there's always someone else to blame, eh Aizinohowtoscambullybullshitmywayouttaanything.

Every policy you back, promote, propagandize, and whore yourself out to on here has failed or is pregnant with failure. Being the barbaric sort though, I can see how you view it differently.

Why don't you stick to someone more your speed, like Glen Beck?

How about this?

Instead of trolling this forum, you could find much more histrionic filled engagement on a double date with, say, you and UncleTom Sowell (standing in for your unrequited love BarrY'O') with Ann Coulter and her Bo Jimmy "Kid Dynomite" Walker. I'm sure Mrs. O wouldn't mind sharing some fashion tips with you for the big night.

Hurry now, email her before you use up this month's publically funded data.

Conservative my ass.