Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Russia's Military Trains For World War 3

© Sputnik/ Valeriy Melnikov

Simon Saradzhyan, National Interest: Yes, Russia's Military Is Training for a 'Mega War.' That Is What Militaries Do.

Snap drills weren't a sign that Putin is about to march on Kyiv, but the fear they provoked is a reminder that Europe's security architecture needs an update.

The latest series of military exercises in Russia have unnerved its Western neighbors, who are concerned that Russia may be preparing for a military campaign. The Russian military is indeed preparing for war, but that does not mean the Kremlin actually plans to initiate one anytime soon. Rather, the current and pending exercises are meant to, well, exercise the troops, for all contingencies, including worst-case scenarios, but also to send a signal to potential adversaries and “disloyal” neighbors.

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WNU Editor: Every military trains for war .... nothing new there. But what I like about this post are some recommendations on how to minimise tensions and worries when these exercises do start-up.

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