Monday, August 15, 2016

South Sudan Government Forces Go On A Rampage Of Violence. UN Forces Ignored Please For Help

Bloomberg: Troops Killed South Sudan Reporter, Raped Women, Group Says

South Sudanese government soldiers executed a journalist and gang-raped women when they overran a compound used by international organizations during fighting in the African nation’s capital last month, Human Rights Watch said.

At least 73 civilians were killed, others raped and aid agencies looted as a result of about five days of fighting that raged in Juba from July 7, the New York-based organization said Monday in a statement. Soldiers loyal to President Salva Kiir and army chief Paul Malong committed most of the crimes, it said.

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RRH said...

So why isnt the U.S. and friends calling for regime change in S. Sudan due to these atrocities? Another "nation building" (see: undermining of existing state) project gone "bad".

Why is it every nation built by the U.S. and friends ends up looking like Iraq, or Libya, or S. Sudan...?

Aizino Smith said...


So it is better that the Afro-Arabs of Khartoum do the raping, slaving and killing?

Was George Clooney wrong in decrying the the violence perpetuated by militias allied to the Khartoum government in Darfur?

How is a government going to run a military, police force and judiciary without sufficient revenue?

Khartoum made sure to slow or deny an oil pipeline for South Sudan to the Red Sea. The figure that without sufficient revenue the South Sudanese government government will fall or be in chaos. So Khartoum denied the pipeline,because they want it back. That alone makes Khartoum significantly responsible for the the chaos in the south.

As a good liberal you should follow the determinist model. Without oil revenue, resources, this was bound to happen.

Did Global Research give you permission to criticize south Sudan?