Monday, August 22, 2016

The Pentagon Is Banking On New Weapons To Win Future Wars

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David Ignatius, TDN/Washington Post: New weapons could guarantee America's military victory

The fight against the Islamic State may get the headlines. But it’s the military threats from Russia and China that most worry top Pentagon officials — and are driving a new arms race to deter these great-power rivals.

This question of how to deal with Russian and Chinese military advances has gotten almost no attention in the 2016 presidential campaign. But it deserves a careful look. The programs begun in the waning days of the Obama administration could potentially change the face of warfare, in the United States’ favor, but they would require political support and new spending by the next president.

A drive to build exotic versions of conventional weapons may sound crazy in a world that already has too much military conflict. But advocates argue that strengthening U.S. conventional forces might be the only way to avoid escalation to nuclear weapons if war with Moscow or Beijing began.

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WNU Editor: The hope that new weapon systems will help the U.S. win a war against Russia and/or China is wishful thinking .... the end war-game scenario for such a conflict has always been the same .... a massive nuclear exchange.

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TWN said...

Too expensive and they won't be able to produce what's need, because they maxed out the credit card.