Monday, August 29, 2016

The Refugees Crisis In Greece Is Now At The 'Boiling Pointy'

Financial Times: Tensions rise between Greeks and refugees

Tempers boil over in the Chios ‘buffer zone’ camp for asylum seekers

The mutilated rabbit on the doorstep was the latest warning. A fortnight of menacing incidents, including a smash-and-grab break-in and glue in the locks, culminated this week with the dead animal left in front of the building. The message was clear: the refugee kitchen was not welcome in Chios

The Greek island of 50,000 has hosted about 2,500 asylum seekers since the EU in March signed its refugee deal with Turkey, and tempers are fraying. A tranquil place of mastic trees and secluded beaches, Chios has become a cauldron of frustration for locals and migrants alike.

None more so than in the village of Chalkios, home to the Basque-run refugee kitchen and minutes from the Vial asylum camp, set up in an old factory among olive groves.

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WNU Editor: These tensions are only going to get worse. Tourism is the lifeblood of Greece, and even my Greek Friends who go to Greece every summer are telling me that they are not going to go back until this crisis has been resolved. As one friend told me last week .... the entire country is in a mess, and the mood in the country .... especially on the islands .... is now filled with hate and anger.

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