Sunday, August 7, 2016

The U.S. Military Wishes They Had These Chinese Weapons

ZLT05 Tracked Amphibious Assault Gun. Air Power Australia

National Interest: 5 Chinese Weapons of War America Wishes It Had

We all know that there are plenty of U.S. weapons the Chinese military would like to get its hands on. The Arsenal of Democracy churns out some of the best, most technologically advanced and versatile weapons in service anywhere. China is willing to steal American military technology to help advance its own military research and development programs.

The United States on the other hand…well, there is probably not a single Chinese weapon that, in a direct comparison, is better than its American equivalent and that probably won’t change for another twenty years. So if we want to talk about Chinese weapons for the American military, we have to think about holes in current American capabilities. There aren’t many, but here are Chinese weapons that might make the American military a little better.

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WNU Editor: And I am willing to bet that these Chinese versions are cheaper and quicker to manufacture than any U.S. version.

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Jac said...

Sure! What we don't know is the quality of their stuff. I don't know what are their requirement bur I know the MILITARY STANDARDS are pretty hard. This can explain the difference too.