Saturday, August 27, 2016

These Is A Submarine Arms Race In Asia Right Now

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Elias Groll and Dan De Luce, Foreign Policy: China Is Fueling a Submarine Arms Race in the Asia-Pacific

A damaging leak of data on India’s new submarine highlights how undersea warfare is at the heart of a regional contest for naval supremacy.

With China plowing money into its military machine and making aggressive claims to disputed island chains, Beijing’s regional rivals are investing in the one weapon that can undercut the increasingly potent People’s Liberation Army. Across South and East Asia, China’s neighbors are spending heavily on submarines, purchasing silent diesel-electric machines capable of slipping past Chinese defenses.

So when the Australian reported this week that detailed technical plans — totaling some 20,000 pages — for a French-made submarine had leaked from the manufacturer, the reaction was one of widespread panic. The leaked plans outlined in minute detail the capabilities of a Scorpene-class vessel purchased by India, and New Delhi immediately demanded that French authorities investigate how the respected DCNS shipbuilder had lost control of the plans. In Australia, where DCNS has been tapped to build the country’s next-generation submarine, officials warned the contractor needed to step up security.

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WNU Editor: This arms race is just starting.


Steven Krische said...

Maybe a geopolitical shift is beginning.

the objective voice said...

China's Regional adversaries investment in submarines provides an efficient, impotent weapon system, to offset China's investment in powerful surface combat vessels. It is the poor man's answer to a modern Navy. A conflict with one of their Regional allies, Fielding a formidable Fleet of quiet yet powerful submarines, may China reconsider their steps, for fear of biting off more than they can chew.

Jac said...

Asia is my main worry since a while. The communist government is trapped between the hyper nationalism he gave to the people and the result it must show. When the economy is going bad, the only other way is war.