Saturday, August 6, 2016

These Military Punishments Will Never Be Permitted In The Civilian World

Task & Purpose: 8 Military Punishments That Wouldn’t Fly In The Civilian World

These laws and punishments seem antiquated, but they’re still used in the military.
If you screw up your cashier duties at McDonald’s, chances are your boss won’t smoke you, unless he wants a harassment suit brought against him. In the military world, we live by a different set of rules and laws, one in which we forfeit many of our previously enjoyed rights and freedoms. The U.S. armed forces follow the Uniform Code of Military Justice, a set of legal conventions that was born from the 69 Articles of War in 1775. Although our current rendition of the UCMJ wasn’t signed into law until 1950 by President Harry S. Truman, it sure feels as though some of the punishments contained within its bindings date back to colonial times.

Here are eight punishments that wouldn’t fly in the civilian world.

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WNU Editor: The scene in the above video will definitely never be permitted in the civilian world.


Anonymous said...

Riiiiight.. you forget a whole bunch of civilian punishments.. think of punishment of house maids in the 12-19th century, think of slaves (including modern day slaves), think of how the pyramids were built.. they certainly didn't get refreshment drinks for falling behind schedule, or not being able to lift a massive stone block high enough :P

RRH said...

I've seen co-workers screamed at, name called, threatened, and even physically assaulted by co-workers and management. Most of the time no one says a word because that means being fired and/or blackballed from the industry. The law states "no retaliation allowed" for reporting harassment,abuse etc. but a way is always found to turf "troublemakers", often through heightened/strict observance of their activities and application of the selectively enforced "rules".

The types punishment detailed here are best suited for idiot managers, politicians, bureaucrats, cocky adolescents and lazy f___ on the system.