Monday, August 22, 2016

This Russian Mortar Weapon Can Devastate Cities

Sebastien Roblin, National Interest: The Russian Army's Super 'Gun' Is a City Destroyer

They’ve devastated fortifications from Afghanistan to Ukraine.

Self-propelled heavy mortar carriers are ubiquitous in modern mechanized armies. Mounted on light armored carriers and placed at the disposal of battalion commanders, such vehicles can deliver heavy and fast-responding indirect bombardments with 120-millimeter shells. When compared to self-propelled howitzers of similar caliber, mortars are lighter and require a smaller logistical train, but have significantly shorter range.

The United States Army mounts 120-millimeter mortars on wheeled Strykers (the M1129) and M113 tracked vehicles (designated the M1064). Russia fields its own 120-millimeter self-propelled vehicles, the 2S9 NONA.

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WNU Editor: 120-millimeter mortars can wreck havoc on a target .... I can only imagine what a 240-millimeter mortar can do.

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