Sunday, August 28, 2016

Turkey's War Against The Kurds Spreads In Syria

Reuters: Turkey ratchets up Syria offensive, says warplanes hit Kurdish militia

Rebels supported by Turkey fought Kurdish-backed forces in northern Syria on Saturday, as Ankara ratcheted up its cross-border offensive by saying it had launched air strikes against both Kurdish forces and Islamic State.

Turkey's government, which is fighting a Kurdish insurgency at home, has said the Syrian campaign it opened this week is as much about preventing Kurdish militia fighters from gaining territory in Syria as about pushing back Islamic State.

Turkey wants to stop Kurdish forces gaining control of a continuous stretch of Syrian territory on its frontier, which it fears could embolden the Kurdish militant group PKK, which has waged a three-decade insurgency on Turkish soil.

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WNU Editor: This is so true .... How Turkey’s offensive into Syria is opening up a hornet’s nest (Sudarsan Raghavan and Erin Cunningham, Washington Post).

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RRH said...

So when the Turks and their "rebel" friends conduct attacks on areas where U.S. advisors are operating, will they receive the same threats as the Syrians? Will we even hear about it?

Anonymous said...

Well that's one way for the Turks to get rid of their M-60's...

Jay Farquharson said...

Kurds are toast.

US SOF have already been evacuated Inclirk.

US Betrayal of the Kurds #57.

James said...

Ah, Mr. Putin squeezed and Erdogan oinked. Now Mr. Putin believes he has three hounds on the leash (Erdogan, Khameini, and Assad) and ready for the hunt. But the question will be who pulls who.
Will it be:
Assad for survival
Khameini for regional hegemony
Erdogan for the final grasp of power, permanent removal of the Kurdish problem, and fulfillment of a reborn Ottoman dream.
Does Putin have the say so now on movement of migrants through Turkey to southeast Europe? The right of naval presence in the eastern Med on top of new energy finds(including unrestricted right of passage through the Dardanelles)?
All parties involved have worked and are working to remove US presence from the region and Erdogan's recent military moves indicate he and others believe this now to be true.
Mr. Putin will still treat with the US in the sense of a fig leaf and of course give Mr. Kerry something to do in public.
And as a bonus for Putin the sea lane to the Ukraine is now in essence closed to the West.

fazman said...


fazman said...


mlacix said...

James is on the spot.

Aizino Smith said...

will they receive the same threats as the Syrians? Will we even hear about it?

Obama being a coward and empowered as the Coward in Chief (CINC) will

a) Say nothing
b) Whine to the UN to do something so as to not take a hit in public opinion polls
c) Make some sort of LAMO unspecified whine to Erdogan
d) Send out Joe to be Joe.

Aizino Smith said...

US SOF have already been evacuated *from* Inclirk.

Is someone in their cups?

Anonymous said...

RRH said...

"Kurds are toast."

They sure are. I'll bet the SAA doesn't look so bad now.

Young Communist said...

"The only friends of the Kurds are the mountains."

This is their popular saying.

They have fight for 40 years against every sons of a bitch who want them subjugated, and they continue to fight.

Live free or die free.

Betraying that spirit is not the end of the Kurds, is the end of the West.

Aizino Smith said...


You seem awfully happy about the End of the West.

When the West falls, you'll happily whistle the Internationale as the Muslims march to the death camp. No you will be buoyed by the thought that the evil capitalists that really, truly persecuted you will be gone too.

Aizino Smith said...

It is hard to support someone like the Kurds, when you have to ask for access to their land via enemy airspace or land routes.

It is very hard to supply someone from the sea without a land route to their land.

Does Young Communist propose that the U.S. overfly Syria, Iraq, Iran or Turkey with cargo planes without their permission?

One of the reasons we put up with the perfidy of the Pakistani establishment, is because we need a land route to Afghanistan. That is if we wanted any hope of rebuilding Afghanistan.

Aizino Smith said...



Young Communist said...

Aizino, the stupidity of your comments is very deep.

I'm not happy to see in what conditions is the West today, with almost no sign of socialism, and even if I hope for the end of a mono-centric world, WE always try to stop the decay of western and European civic and political culture.
But is the democratic West that sell is own principles on market.

And have you given the permission of Syrian government to bomb their country or to supply his enemies? No. So? Ah! Erdogan. Sure.
This cul-de-sac US it is today is only the consequences of that shitty policies and the very nature of capitalism.

Nothing seem to work to awake the mass of the West from the sleep of their consciences. So, in the end, YOU want yours own fall. Not us.