Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tweet For Today

WNU Editor: The full story is here .... Video of bloodied five-year-old in Aleppo shows children continue to pay price of Syria conflict (ABC News Online)


RRH said...

Check out the Krasnopol.

RRH said...

This is interesting....

Jay Farquharson said...

While children are dying on both sides of the fence in Syria, and in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Gaza, West Bank, Nigeria, Mali,

wow, the lists go on and on,

Social media is also being employed as a weapon in these wars, with many staged and faked events, attempting to manipulate people through outrage, towards one side or the other.

Sadly, some of the “respected” names of Human Right’s have not proved themselves to be above using “fakes” in the case of the Syrian Civil War, having “picked” a side.

The "fakes" are ususally exposed, days or weeks later, after they have already pushed the viewer's emotional triggers and caused them to embrace a side.

In the West, we are very quick to go to war, very quick to push others to war, and of course, very quick to profit from war, and very, very slow to end any wars.

RRH said...

They are pulling on the heart strings big time. I agree with b's assessment that the "rebels" are under a lot of pressure, especially due to air and artillery strikes and are looking for another US brokered "ceasefire" to re-organize.

The campaign is also being waged through a petition by a Dr. Hamza al Khatib. Incubator babies are mentioned....

RRH said...

Btw Jay,

I was reading an article about a character named Weiss and came upon this comment by an "Alexander" which immediately reminded me of you:

August 15, 2016 at 10:08 pm GMT • 300 Words
I think for anyone who has bared witness to the major (and minor) political events that have shaped our History over the last sixteen years, you can safely say the Neocons have won the game they chose to play.

If their goal was to deceive the US into committing the supreme international crime of “war of aggression”, they were successful.

If their goal was to wholly reject PEACE, and specifically, Israels required mandates to return the land it has stolen and continues to steal from Palestine (beyond the green line) as well as the Golan Heights ,to Syria….it has been highly successful.

If their goal was to neuter our governments ability to force Israel to comply with international law, by goading US into committing heinous breaches of international law of equal weight, it has been highly successful.

If their goal was to neutralize the potential hurting power (towards Israel) of nearly all the nations that comprise the pro -Palestinian “Shia Crescent” …..(.as Israel continued it unrelenting extermination of the state of Palestine)….by manipulating OUR country into “obliterating” them… has been highly successful.

If their goal was to supplant the US Constitution with bogus new laws designed to make wars of belligerence okay….they have been highly successful.

If their goal was to extract from the US taxpayer an additional 15 TRILLION DOLLARS from our national treasure and send our country into a breathtaking 21 TRILLION national debt,…. they have been highly successful.

If their goal was to use the obscene profits from this extraction to BUY OUT our entire election process……and , first and foremost, ensure there would be zero accountability for the innumerable crimes they have committed (and coerced US into committing)…they have been highly successful.

Nearly any way you slice it, the last 16 years have marked an unquestioned success for the entire Neocon enterprise.

A truly Banner Neocon Success.

Jay Farquharson said...

Yup, but it's not just the NeoCon's*, it's also the NeoLibs and the American Exceptionalists, one big happy family.

( CounterPunch had lot's of articles about their "roots". Most of the founders were ex-communist Trotskites, kicked out of the Party by Stalin, because Stalin had embraced One Nation, One Revolution. After the death of Trotsky, they had drifted off into a vision of a globalized world, one economy, one military, one form of politics. They found a home initially in the Democratic Party's Far Left, but by the early '70's the most prominent and powerful found a more prominent home in the Republican Party. Since Carter of course, they have been welcome in every US Administration, in varying numbers. Bush II so far, has been peak NeoCon).

War News Updates Editor said...

Thank you for your economic link RRH. I will be using it in the next few days.