Friday, August 19, 2016

U.S. And Allies Scramble Jets To Protect U.S. Special Forces And Allies From Syrian Bombings

Washington Post: Syrian aircraft bombed near U.S. and coalition Special Operations forces, Pentagon says

Syrian Su-24 ground-attack aircraft bombed near U.S. and coalition Special Operations forces in Syria earlier this week, the Pentagon said Friday, forcing U.S. aircraft to scramble in response.

The strikes targeted Kurdish forces in the northern Syrian city of Hasakah on Thursday, said Marine Maj. Adrian Rankine-Galloway, a Pentagon spokesman. Coalition Special Operations forces, which have been advising Kurdish and Arab fighters, known as the Syrian Democratic Forces, were in the area, but none were injured. Social media reports indicated that several Kurds were killed in the bombing.

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WNU Editor: This is the first time that Syrian jets are targeting the Kurds .... Syrian fighter jets hit Kurd-held areas for first time (Al Jazeera). More here .... Syrian government warplanes bomb Kurdish-controlled areas for first time (IBTimes). The bombings are continuing for a second day .... Syria regime pounds Kurdish positions for second day (AFP).

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Update: The Pentagon sends a warning to Syria .... Pentagon issues implicit threat to shoot down Syrian warplanes (Washington Examiner).


Bob Huntley said...

When ISIS is out of there it will happen if the rebels continue to attack Assad.

RRH said...

"the inherent right to self defense".Funny, the Syrians may be thinking just the same thing seeing how it is THEIR country and all."