Friday, August 26, 2016

U.S. Election News Updates -- August 26, 2016

Politico: Trump and Clinton throw more blows in bigotry fight

The brutal general election battle between the two candidates has reached a new level.

The heavy charges of bigotry that have flown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spilled into Friday, with Trump releasing new videos accusing Clinton of a long history of veiled racism and Clinton re-upping her claims that a “radical fringe” is carrying his candidacy.

The slicing accusations have taken the brutal general election battle between the two candidates to a new level. Both already suffer from dismal favorability ratings, and they are showing a fierce desire to convince independent voters that the other candidate couldn’t possibly be fit to serve in the White House.

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The Democrat Campaign

Clinton attacks Trump's outreach to black voters in new ad -- Reuters
Hillary Clinton Says ‘Radical Fringe’ Is Taking Over G.O.P. Under Donald Trump -- NYT
Clinton aims to reframe 2016 debate -- CNN
Clinton hits new roadblocks in campaign for White House -- The Hill
Hillary Clinton defends Clinton Foundation, State Department -- USA Today
Clinton says emails, foundation ties not a threat to White House bid -- AFP
Clinton defends family foundation, says work will continue -- AP
Leaked emails show Clinton, Dems split on linking Trump to GOP -- The Hill
Judge orders search of new Clinton emails for release by September 13 -- Reuters
Obama, Biden to campaign for Clinton in September -- Politico
Teamsters endorse Clinton -- The Hill
Former Bush adviser Wolfowitz to vote for Clinton: Spiegel -- Reuters

The Republican Campaign

Trump: No legal status for undocumented immigrants -- CNN
Trump: 'How quickly people forget' Clinton 'superpredator' remark -- The Hill
Trump: Clintons are 'the real predators' -- Politico
Trump calls MSNBC host ‘crazy,’ demands apology -- The Hill
New Trump manager faced domestic violence charge: press -- AFP
Trump Campaign Hires Ex-Christie Aide -- NBC news
Ben Carson to Donald Trump: Stop Calling Hillary Clinton a ‘Bigot’ -- Daily Beast
Sarah Palin warns Donald Trump on deportation U-turn -- BBC

General Election Coverage

White House meets with Clinton, Trump teams to discuss transition -- Reuters
Trump taps Bush, Romney veterans for transition -- Politico
Candidates capitalize on the ever-powerful 'religious vote' -- AP
Nerdcast 2016: The rise of the ‘alt-right’ -- Politico

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials

Why Hillary Clinton won't do a press conference -- Alex Thompson, VICE News
Why Democrats Keep Winning Presidential Elections -- Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic
Clinton Is Making Her Trust Problem Worse -- Albert R. Hunt, Bloomberg
The Clinton Foundation Is Not a Scandal. It’s a Phenomenal, Life-Saving Success. -- Mark Joseph Stern, Slate
Why Hillary Clinton's foundation ties raise ethical concerns -- CBS
Sorry, Hillary: Trump’s policies are clearly better for blacks -- John Lott, NYP
GOP plots early wake-up call for Clinton -- Annie Karni, Politico
Experts Who Got Brexit Wrong Now Say Trump Can’t Win -- John Fund, NRO
Will Donald Trump's minority outreach work? -- Alan Fisher, Al Jazeera

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