Monday, August 29, 2016

U.S. Urging A Ceasefire Between Turkish And Kurdish Fighters In Syria

VOA: US Condemns Clashes in Syria Between Turkish and US-Allied Kurdish Forces

Pentagon - The United States said Monday clashes in Syria between Turkish forces and units affiliated with a U.S.-supported Kurdish-led alliance are “unacceptable” and is calling on all sides to stand down "immediately."

"This is an already crowded battle space," Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook told VOA when asked about the recent fighting south of the Syrian town of Jarabulus, on the border with Turkey. “We are calling on all armed actors to stand down immediately and take appropriate measures to de-conflict.”

The Turkish military, along with its Syrian rebel allies, is in the sixth day of a campaign designed to drive U.S.-allied Kurdish forces and Islamic State (IS) militants out of the Jarabulus area. Cook said Islamic State forces are no longer located in the areas where clashes are taking place.

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WNU Editor: The Turkish government is not listening .... Turkey threatens more strikes on Syrian Kurdish militia (The Guardian/AFP). Turkey is also accusing the Kurds of ethnic cleansing .... Turkey accuses Kurdish YPG of 'ethnic cleansing' in Syria (Euronews).

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