Thursday, August 25, 2016

Was The Clinton Foundation A 'Pay For Play' Scheme?

USA Today: Clinton's cash for access diplomacy

Clinton ran a pay-to-play program at the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State.

Back in July, Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, "there is absolutely no connection between anything that I did as secretary of state and the Clinton Foundation.”

On Monday of this week, ABC’s Liz Kreutzer reminded people of that statement, as a new batch of emails reveal that there was a connection, and it was cash. As the emails, recovered by the public-interest law firm Judicial Watch, demonstrate, people who made donations to the Clinton Foundation got preferential treatment, and access, at the State Department when Hillary was Secretary of State:

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Update #1: Many donors to Clinton Foundation met with her at State (AP)
Update #2: AP statement on Clinton Foundation donors (AP)

WNU Editor: If you paid .... you then had access to the Secretary of State. And what you can do with this access is apparently lot .... Was The Clinton Foundation Behind Shady Middle Eastern Arms Deals? (Federalist). This is going to dodge her for the rest of the election .... and beyond.


RussInSoCal said...

$5000 gets you on the Christmas card list. $50K gets you a coffee mug with Hillary's picture on it - and a Christmas card. $5M? How can we help you? Just send your request and credit card number in an email - in the form of a yoga class schedule...

TWN said...

That piece of crap should be in jail, along with her Rapist husband.

B.Poster said...

TWN: I agree with your statement. While the "wheels of justice" are moving WAY to slow in this case, she will be in jail for a VERY, VERY long time within the next few years as will her rapist husband. That is unless she does not die first. Her health is quite poor.

What finally does them in will be something petty. Think O' J' Simpson. I realize it has taken WAY to long, as it took WAY to long for O. J. Simpson to be brought to justice but patience it is coming.

This alone would be reason enough not to vote for her. with all the problems the United States has at present to have a president who is going to need to be removed from office because of criminal proceedings or health issues in their first term would be EXTRAORDINARILY disruptive.

Were this not an insane psychopath, she would relinquish all of her wealth except for about $10,000,000 and she would go away quietly never to be heard from again. She certainly has the clout to negotiate this kind of a deal. Being a psychopath she must carry on.

As such, a lengthy prison term is in her very near future from which she will not emerge from alive. Patience, it will come. Again, think O. J. Simpson but on steroids.