Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Was Murdered Democratic Staffer Seth Conrad Rich The Source Of The DNC Leaks For Wikileaks?

Daily Mail: Did murdered DNC staffer leak 20,000 party emails? Conspiracy theories abound as Wikileaks steps forward to offer $20k for information over mystery death of 27-year-old

* DNC staffer Seth Conrad Rich, 27, was gunned down in Washington D.C.
* Wikileaks is offering a $20k reward for information leading to a conviction
* Conspiracy theorists say he leaked DNC emails at start of the convention
* Julian Assange suggested the leak may have been the work of an insider

Wikileaks is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in the death of a Democratic National Committee staffer, reigniting rumors he fed the organization thousands of party emails.

Seth Conrad Rich, 27, was gunned down in the affluent Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington D.C. last month while he was on the phone to his girlfriend.

Wikileaks' announcement Tuesday has added fuel to the flames of conspiracy theories claiming Rich leaked the 20,000 DNC emails that were released at the start of the party's convention.

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WNU editor: Usually leaks .... like the DNC leaks or the Panama Papers leak .... are the result of an someone in the inside .... not hackers from a foreign country. Was Seth Conrad Rich the source of the DNC leak .... I do not know (and I am willing to wager that we will never know), but it appears that he had access to the files that were leaked, if not more. The fact that his murder is still a mystery is only adding fuel to speculation and conspiracies .... and one that I suspect will not end in the foreseeable future.

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TWN said...

Not the Russian Surprise Surprise, odd this guy is murdered in a robbery and they didn't take his wallet or watch, curious curious-er.

fred lapides said...

Also odd: Greewald and Snowden note this past few days that Wikileaks seems hellbent on destroying Hillary and have as a consequence lost their credibility.

Anonymous said...

he had something on him...a usb stick...

B.Poster said...

Yes, very curious indeed. Might this be the thing that finally takes Hillary down. Actually I think it is going to be something petty that finally does her in and it will be something much easier to prove than this.

It's interesting that while it was attacking "neo cons", George W. Bush, the NSA, criticizing the Iraq war, or something else the media and the Democrats want undermined Wikileaks was regarded as heroic and its founder Julian Assange could do no wrong. Now that it ame after the Hillary Clinton, the chosen one, it suddenly is an enemy.

This does establish that Russia probably was not behind the hacks yet team Clinton recklessly accused them of this. Such reckless behavior will likely cause poisoned relations between us and them for quite some time and under team Clinton may be problematic at best to heal those relations. As such, America cannot afford to take the risk of electing such an unstable and reckless person to such a position as POTUS.