Saturday, August 6, 2016

Will Closing Down Manufacturers Of Bullets For AK-47s And Other Dangerous Weapons Stop Much Of The World's Conflicts?

Belts of 7.62 mm ammunition are prepared for distribution to international competitors before an international machine gun shooting match at the 2012 Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting. Wikipedia

Strategy Page: Peacekeeping: Every Missing Bullet Counts

Since the late 1990s peacekeepers have become increasingly occupied just trying to stop all the shooting going on. It wasn’t always like that. After the Cold War ended in 1991 there have been too many people with AK-47 running around firing at anything and everything. How to stop that? There’s always been a simple solution available; outlaw 7.62x39 ammunition. Since 1991, this rifle round has become the biggest killer on the planet. This is the ammo used in the AK-47 and the SKS carbine (a non-automatic rifle with a smaller magazine than the AK-47). You can't get find and seize all those weapons and destroy them. But you can sharply reduce the supply of ammo. Unlike the rifles, which last a long time, the ammo has a limited shelf life, and it tends to get used real quick, especially by users of automatic weapons like the AK-47.

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WNU Editor: When I was working in China I visited a manufacturer that was producing 7.62 (and other) ammunition .... it was a big operation involving a lot of metal and presses .... so yes, banning many of these manufacturers will raise the price for this ammo, thereby making it prohibitively expensive for armed groups to use these weapons for their rebellions. Unfortunately .... when it comes to the arms trade there is always someone who is rogue or a government that is pushing an agenda and/or a policy to help one side in a conflict, and they will exploit such an opportunity regardless of sanctions and prohibitions.


Aizino Smith said...

What scares me is large groups of people with clubs.

Think Rwanda.

There is not one ethnic group or race that is immune. Some are a little more resistant and that is about it.

War News Updates Editor said...

So true about Rwanda Aizinio. Clubs and machetes did the carnage .... not bullets.

TWN said...

Top murder weapon is the machete, having said that if the US, UK. Russia, China, and all the smaller nations producing arms stopped, many of the conflicts would scale back very quickly, but don't hang by your package waiting for that to happen.

Bob Huntley said...

Following a nuclear WW III clubs and machetes will become the weapons of choice with throwing stones as a less satisfactory option.