Monday, August 22, 2016

Will NATO Soldiers 'Lay Down Their Arms' In A War Against Russia?

© Evgeny Biyatov / Sputnik

RT: Russian drill calls for ‘NATO’ soldiers ‘to lay down arms, stop being pawns’

Russian troops were allegedly on the hunt for NATO soldiers during a mission in the northwest of the country. However, there is no need to panic. The alliance is not invading, as it was merely a mock exercise to simulate a hypothetical incursion into Russia.

The opposing force was not specified, but messages played over loudspeakers as the drills took place left little room for the imagination.

“NATO soldiers! You are being lied to! You are not peacekeepers! Lay down your arms,” a female voice warned the soldiers in a recording played on loudspeakers, according to RIA Novosti’s reporter on the scene.

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WNU Editor: The number one thought that will be in the mind of every NATO soldier should they decide to invade Russia will be the same .... "what (and why) are we here?".


Benjamin Goodwin said...

People can be influenced very easy even on this era, just like the time when iraq was invaded,Western country would manipulate the media and rise a sence of nationalism on their population, all the western countries need is the right heart breaking catastrophe and blame the Russian.

Anonymous said...

No one is even discussing invading Russia (maybe in some military circles / during war planning games, ok).. but where does all this come from? Isn't Russia invading Ukraine? Didn't Russia invade Georgia? All a bit weird.. You could of course argue that the US did invade Iraq under false pretext (and I would agree), but saying that NATO(!) would invade Russia unprovoked is a bit weird.

Anonymous said...

Just one more comment on the 'invading other countries' thing: at least in the USA they (the public) are actively condemning the invasion that happened in the aftermath of 9/11.. I don't see the same in the propaganda controlled areas of Russia.. or am I wrong in this? In the west people are even discussing Jail for Blair for getting into the Iraq war... I think anyone discussing the same for Putin - inside of Russia - would find himself poisoned or shot in the back.

Young Communist said...

@Anonymoous: We already know that Putin is not the most democratic leader in the world, but the public opinion can be fooled even in the West (except for a minority) and outside the facade, Russia has been provoked and try to be restricted in their national interest in many way in these years, even funding racist-nationalist against Russian minorities in ex-Soviet states.

U.S./NATO wage wars even without provocation, and Russia has faced six invasions of their country in less more than 200 of the last years, five of them by the West, so sorry if they do not believe ours reassurances only because we are democratic (each year more less).

The opposition to Putin exist, but is on the same conditions of the peace movements in the West: has no strength. For different motivations.

James said...

That's a pretty good post.

War News Updates Editor said...

I concur James.