Thursday, August 11, 2016

World News Briefs -- August 11, 2016 (Evening Edition)

Bloomberg: Russia Warns of ‘Consequences’ After Deaths as Ukraine on Alert

* Putin vows ‘serious additional measures’ on annexed peninsula
* Ukrainian officials say Russia wants to escalate conflict

Russia said the deaths of its servicemen in Crimea wouldn’t go “without consequences” and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko put his troops near the peninsula and in the country’s easternmost regions on “high alert,” warning that Vladimir Putin is seeking to reignite the conflict in the disputed territories.

The Foreign Ministry in Moscow ratcheted up the threat of retaliation a day after the Russian president vowed to respond with “very serious” measures and said Ukrainian agents had engaged in “terror” tactics on the Black Sea peninsula, which he seized in 2014. Poroshenko dismissed the accusations as “fiction” that could be an “excuse for further military threats” by Russia. He ordered the armed forces, national guard and border troops to go on high alert Thursday and urged police to step up security to prevent potential terrorist attacks, according to a statement on his website.

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Iraq politicians must pull together for Mosul: US.

U.S. would welcome Turkish-Russian military cooperation against Islamic State.

Syria conflict: Aleppo hit by clashes despite Russia aid pledge.

Russian bombers destroy ISIS chemical weapons plant near Raqqa, Syria.

ISIL oil trucks, worth $11 million, destroyed in massive airstrike.

Syria's civil war: Suspected chemical attack in Aleppo. Syria conflict: Aleppo 'chlorine gas attack' investigated.

Syria conflict: 'Russian air strikes' cut water supply to IS capital Raqqa.

Erdogan ultimatum: ‘US has to choose between Turkey & Gulen’.

Military attaches, diplomats flee Turkey's post-coup inquiry.

Renewed Yemeni fighting points to society broken beyond repair.


Bombs in Thai resort kill one, injure 9, including foreigners: police.

Clashes as Afghan Taliban edge closer to Helmand capital.

Thai police want to intercept phone calls in 'national security' cases.

Myanmar soldiers admit at court martial to killing villagers: witnesses.

Killings of drug suspects rise to 525 in the Philippines.

Activists slam ASEAN roadmap to stop smog.

China power plant blast kills at least 21 -state media.

Australia accuses refugees of falsely reporting sexual abuse.

Australia blocks Chinese firm from stake in electricity grid.


Nigeria reports two new polio cases: WHO.

Uproar over Egypt's policy of state-dictated Friday sermons.

Libyan forces in fresh clashes with Islamic State in Sirte.

Libyan official: '70 percent' of last IS bastion liberated.

Libyan forces work to secure gains against Islamic State in Sirte.

NATO allies concerned for Libyan oil.

New armed group says it blew up Nigerian oil pipeline.

Ethiopia says UN observers not needed as protests rage.

Ethiopia's battle for land reforms could lead to civil war: opposition leader.

Twelve Somalis sentenced to five years for piracy.

Zambia elections: Polls open in test for ruling party. Zambia votes in tight presidential poll between Lungu and Hichilema.

South Africa regains Africa's 'biggest economy' title from Nigeria.


Russian hackers of DNC said to nab secrets from NATO, Soros.

Poroshenko puts all units on border with Crimea, in Donbass on combat alert. Ukraine puts troops along Crimean border on combat alert.

Putin, Security Council discuss security measures in Crimea — Kremlin.

UK and Russia discuss normalization of relations.

Germany to crack down on refugees suspected of Isis sympathies.

German Intel: Daesh hit-squads, sleeper cells infiltrated Germany among refugees.

Greece sees 76 percent rise in migrants after Turkey's dispute with Europe following coup.

Milan overrun by ‘invasion’ of thousands of immigrants.

Austria remains opposed to EU membership talks with Turkey.


Venezuela is a 'powder keg,' government will fall: opposition boss.

Mexican president's approval rating plumbs new low.

Trump ramps up attack on Obama as founder of Islamic State.

Clinton to portray Trump economic proposals as 'wildly unrealistic'.

Shootings in Rio favelas continue despite heavy security presence.

Ecuador will let Sweden interview Assange in London embassy.

Venezuela’s Maduro says he discussed oil prices with Saudi King.

Venezuela's inflation rates are now highest in the world, sending food prices through the roof.

US deports former Guatemalan soldier wanted in 1982 massacre.

US DEA stands by ban on medical marijuana.


Man in Ontario raid made 'martyrdom video,' planned attack: Canadian police.

Iraq Kurds say IS financier killed in joint raid with US.

U.S. military was too positive on Islamic State fight: Congressional report. US military 'manipulated' intel in IS fight.

Germany in new anti-terror plan to thwart Islamist militants.

Overseas money is ‘financing terrorism in Southeast Asia’.

Senior former Taliban leader reconciles with jihadist group.


All major US stock indexes post record closes; oil rallies.

Oil demand set to slow in 2017, says IEA.

Russia fines Google $6.7 million over anti-trust charge.

US retailer Macy's to close 100 stores.

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