Tuesday, August 2, 2016

World News Briefs -- August 2, 2016 (Evening Edition)

FOX News: Obama approves 30-day airstrike mission against ISIS in Libya

President Obama has authorized a 30-day mission for the U.S. military to conduct airstrikes against the Islamic State terror group in Libya as new strikes were unleashed Tuesday, Fox News has learned.

Marine Corps Harrier jets launched from the Navy amphibious assault ship USS Wasp conducted at least two airstrikes against ISIS targets in the coastal city of Sirte Tuesday. USS Wasp is set to remain off the Libyan coast in the Mediterranean Sea for the next month along with an escort ship, the guided-missile destroyer USS Carney.

The U.S. has launched at least seven airstrikes in total since the campaign began Monday.

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Syrian government and rebels trade gas attack accusations.

Syria's civil war: 'Chlorine gas dropped on Idlib town'. Rescuers say toxic gas dropped on Syrian town where Russian helicopter shot down.

Kremlin rejects report on alleged gas use in area of attack on Russian helicopter in Syria.

Russian strikes slow rebel assault in Syria's Aleppo.

As Syria transition date passes, US makes no policy change.

Iraqi Prime Minister bans travel for MPs accused of defense corruption.

Erdogan says Turkey's coup script was 'written abroad'.

Turkey's Erdogan: The West is taking sides with coups. Turkey's Erdogan blasts EU for not adhering to migrant deal. Refugee crisis: Germany warns Turkey against 'blackmailing' EU.

Coup attempt cost Turkish economy $100bn - Trade Minister.

Italy, Turkey trade barbs over money-laundering probe into Erdogan's son.

Twin suicide bombings kill 6 Yemeni soldiers.

Iran says world powers must fulfil nuclear deal commitments.

Iran says it has executed a number of Kurdish militants.


Japan warns China over 'territorial aggression'.

South Korea denounces Japan's revived claim to Liancourt rocks islands.

Chinese Ambassador: Putin’s visit to China to be milestone in Russia-China relations.

Philippines, rebels want peace talks despite feud over truce.

North Korea mandating strip searches at China border.

Nepal's firebrand Maoist turned prime minister.

Rio Olympics are worst ever, say Chinese social media users.

Thousands of jobless Asians stranded in Saudi Arabia.


Two more arrested in Zimbabwe war veteran crackdown.

Car bomb targets security forces in Libya's Benghazi, kills 22: sources.

U.S. warplanes launch bombing campaign on Islamic State in Libya.

Obama says supporting Libya's fight vs Islamic State in U.S. interest.

Libya government forces advance in IS bastion.

Bodies found off coast of Libya as migrant toll climbs: IOM.

UNHCR: Violence in South Sudan prompts mass flight.

Nigeria to resume payments to oil militants in Niger Delta.

Tunisia's president proposes relative as Prime Minister, critics cry foul.


Obama says DNC hacks would not alter relations with Russia.

Trump's 'excesses' are sickening, says Hollande.

Italy would consider any U.S. request to use Sicily air base for Libya strikes.

Hungarian foreign minister says Russia poses no threat to NATO members.

IOM says 4,027 migrant deaths at sea in 2016.

Czech president warns of migrants' 'barbaric acts'.

Ukraine's Savchenko launches hunger strike over political inaction. Ukraine's Savchenko starts hunger strike over inaction on POWs.

France buries priest murdered by Islamist militants.

Spain faces spectre of third election as parties lock horns.

Russia anthrax outbreak affects dozens in north Siberia.

Himmler diaries found in Russia reveal daily Nazi horrors.


Venezuela opposition plots next moves against Maduro. Venezuelan campaign for Maduro recall passes first hurdle.

Despite controversy, supporters back brash Trump talk.

Trump suggests general election could be 'rigged'.

Obama calls on Republicans to reject 'unfit' Trump.

First Republican congressman pledges to vote Clinton.

Brazil impeachment trial closer to sealing Rousseff fate.

Bolivian police make record cocaine bust.

Zika outbreak prompts travel warning for area of Miami.

Foreign home buyers face new tax in Vancouver area.


U.S. says seven al Qaeda operatives killed in July strikes.

As ISIS posts in Portuguese, U.S. and Brazil bolster Olympics security.

ISIS hit list targets 700 U.S. Army soldiers: ‘Kill the dogs’.

Half of Guantánamo’s uncharged captives are OK’d to go.


South Korea suspends sale of 80 Volkswagen models.

US pressed on Asia trade pact.

Yahoo probes possible huge data breach.

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