Wednesday, August 24, 2016

World News Briefs -- August 24, 2016

Reuters: Turkish tanks roll into Syria, pushing Islamic State out of key border town

Syrian rebels backed by Turkish special forces, tanks and warplanes entered one of Islamic State's last strongholds on the Turkish-Syrian border on Wednesday, in Turkey's first major U.S.-backed incursion into its southern neighbor.

A column of at least nine Turkish tanks crossed into Syria with the group of largely Arab and Turkmen rebels to drive Islamic State out of Jarablus and surrounding villages. A Reuters reporter at the border witnessed intense bombardments, with palls of black smoke rising around the town.

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Syria: Turkish-backed rebels 'seize' Jarablus from ISIL.

Turkish tanks cross Syrian border in military op to retake city of Jarablus from ISIS. Turkey's Syria offensive aimed at Kurdish YPG.

Syria, Kurds condemn Turkish incursion.

US military aids Turkey anti-IS operation in Syria.

U.S. military says air strike in Syria may have killed civilians.

Turkish, US officials discuss US-based cleric's extradition. Biden seeks to reassure Turkey over alleged coup-plotter.

Iraq forces advance in town south of Mosul.

Putin offers Middle East peace talks.

Thousands of Yemenis stranded after Saudis close airport.

Exiled Yemen government risks humanitarian catastrophe to cut off central bank.

Israel uncovers illegal Palestinian weapons-making network.

Israel clears forces in several deadly 2014 Gaza war cases.


American University attack: one dead and 24 injured in Afghanistan. American University under attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. American University of Afghanistan attacked, students and staff shelter in place.

Duterte warns China over South China Sea dispute.

Indonesia in bid to rename disputed area in South China Sea.

Vietnam seeks support for 'maritime freedom'.

U.N. Security Council to meet Wednesday on North Korea missile launch.

North Korean submarine missile launch shows improved ability.

Japan, China and South Korea condemn latest Pyongyang missile test.

Japan tells China to stop violating territory in East China Sea.

Fatal car bombs explode in Thailand.

Powerful earthquake shakes central Myanmar. Earthquake rattles Myanmar and neighboring countries.

China takes aggressive steps to fend off banking, financial risks.


Anti-Mugabe protests turn violent in capital Harare.

Nigeria claims it killed Boko Haram leaders.

UN: 4.5 million need food assistance in northern Nigeria.

Libya's unity government says still seeks approval from eastern parliament.

UN-backed Libyan government to present new Cabinet.

South Sudan fighting kills at least 275, both sides say.

DR Congo elections: Opposition strike cripples Kinshasa.

Nigeria 'terror mastermind' appeals conviction by S.Africa court.

Nigeria banks banned from foreign currency deals.

South African finance minister won't meet police.


US Secretary Kerry to discuss Syria and Ukraine with Russia's Lavrov in Geneva.

Merkel under fire after call for Turks in Germany to show 'loyalty'.

Attempts to find 'Nazi gold train' in Poland hit the buffers.

At least 120 killed as quake flattens towns in central Italy. Italy earthquake kills dozens, reduces towns to rubble. Deadly earthquake rocks central Italy. Earthquake in central Italy leaves dozens dead.

Russia, Germany, France raise alarm over fighting in Ukraine.

Ukraine: Moscow failed to bring Kiev to its knees.

Migration minister: 180,000 migrants to flood Greece if EU-Turkey deal fails.

Germany's anti-immigration AfD party gaining allegiance.

More Europeans turning to firearms following terrorist attacks – report.

French burkini ban row escalates after clothing incident at Nice beach.

France's DCNS says India submarine data leak may be 'economic warfare'.


Russian hackers 'targeted New York Times'.

Louisiana floods: Obama 'heartbroken' after tour.

Colombia, FARC to unveil final deal to end five decades of bloodshed. Colombia-FARC final peace agreement 'imminent'.

Central America leaders agree on joint force to fight gangs.

Venezuela confirms plan to purge state workers who signed recall.

U.S. seeks Latin American help amid rise in Asian, African migrants.

Canada's Mounties allow women in uniform to wear hijabs.


Islamic State attacks Western-backed camp on Jordan-Syria border.

IRGC commander discusses Afghan militia, ‘Shia liberation army,’ and Syria.

Malian jihadist 'lost way' in Timbuktu attacks, court told.

Drone strike kills 2 Qaeda suspects in Yemen.


Pfizer on buying spree with AstraZeneca antibiotics deal.

Google punishes sites with pop-up adverts.

US warns European Commission over treatment of Apple.

Qatar buys a piece of The Empire State Building.

Tesla claims records for e-car speed and range.


RussInSoCal said...

Turkish tanks roll into Syria on the same day as Erdogan's meet with Biden.

Jay Farquharson said...

US ally Kurd's, meet bus.

RussInSoCal said...

What a wonderful state of affairs. We now have a NATO army fighting a NATO supported militia (YPG). And Americans are embedded with the YPG.

Jay Farquharson said...

Some early account's say they were pulled.

Either way, the US is back to killing Kurds.

Wonder if they will use gas again?

RussInSoCal said...

Thanks Jay for another idiotic, trollish statement. Keep pounding that square peg into the round hole. It'll fit one day.

Jay Farquharson said...

Does the US have any body left to betray, in the ME?