Monday, August 29, 2016

World News Briefs -- August 29, 2016 (Evening edition)

AFP: US alarm as Turkey warns Syrian Kurd militia of more strikes

Turkey warned Monday it would carry out more strikes on a US-backed Kurdish militia in Syria if it fails to retreat, as Washington said President Barack Obama will meet his Turkish counterpart at the weekend.

Turkish forces pressed on with a two-pronged operation inside Syria against Islamic State (IS) jihadists and the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), shelling over a dozen targets.

The strikes against the YPG are hugely sensitive as the outfit -- seen as a terror group by Ankara -- is allied with Turkey's NATO partner the United States in the fight against IS in Syria.

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Turkish Syrian operation forces US to make hard choice.

Two US-backed groups clash in northern Syria.

Syrian rebels advance on Kurds as Turkish strikes kill 35. Turkey-backed rebels expel Kurdish forces from Syrian towns. Turkey warplanes bomb PKK targets in northern Iraq: state media.

Erdogan: 'Syria operations will continue until the end'. Turkey warns of more strikes if Syrian Kurds don't retreat.

Syria war: US warns over Turkish-Kurdish violence.

Attack kills 18 people near Karbala in Iraq.

ISIS claims suicide bomb attack at Yemeni military training camp. Islamic State takes responsibility for Yemen bomb; at least 60 dead.

Rockets hit Saudi border town as Yemen war flares anew.

Exclusive: Yemen council head hails peace push, wants Saudis to 'feel pain'.

Iran to start construction on two more nuclear plants.

Iran rolls out domestic internet.


Twelve soldiers die in clash with Islamist militants in the Philippine south.

60% of key S.Asian water basin not usable: study.

Roadside bombs kill 9 civilians in Afghanistan.

North Korea threatens to fire at US military troops' lighting equipment.

Climate change looms large in Obama's final trip to Asia.

Kerry visits Bangladesh for talks on security. Kerry urges Bangladesh to step up efforts against terrorism.

Curfew relaxed in Indian-controlled Kashmir ending 52-day lockdown.

Pakistan Supreme Court dismisses civilian appeals against military convictions.

Uzbek President Islam Karimov suffers stroke.

UN chief urges Myanmar to respect human rights.

Singapore authorities confirm 41 cases of Zika.

Chinese 'Jack the Ripper' serial killer caught.

Female tourists should not wear skirts in India, says tourism minister.


Zimbabwe protest leader denied bail amid rising dissent. Zimbabwe charges 68 with violence after protests, activist denied bail.

Uganda offers safety and prospects to S.Sudan's refugees.

Libyan forces say Islamic State beaten back in Sirte.

Heavy casualties as Libyan forces advance on IS in Sirte.

Nigeria president says Boko Haram leader has been wounded.

Nigeria: Military begins operations in Niger Delta, says Army. Niger Delta Avengers says halted hostilities in Nigerian Delta.

Militants kill three Tunisian soldiers in ambush near Algerian border: army.

South Sudan seeks $300 million in external support for budget.

Kenya’s seaside looks peaceful, but a murderous war is being waged.

Both sides in Gabon presidential election claim victory.

Opposition vows to rid Morocco of Islamists in Oct vote.


European experts float post-Brexit 'partnership' with Britain.

Brexit may send EU 'down the drain' - German vice chancellor.

Europe's refugee crisis simmers despite efforts to solve it.

Erdogan set to flood Europe with millions of migrants as EU refugee deal falters.

Some 9,000 refugee children reported to have disappeared in Germany.

Calais chief wants new migrant border deal with UK.

France's Sarkozy says would change constitution to ban burkinis.

Far-right candidate ahead in polls to win Austrian presidency.

Ukraine moves Roma families amid village's rage at murder.

Italy must block mafia from earthquake rebuild, says prosecutor. Renzi to present national plan to strengthen Italy's quake defenses.

Brussels crime lab fire: Five held over blaze 'started to destroy evidence'.

UN Diplomat: Portugal's Guterres tops 3rd poll for UN chief.


In Brazil Senate, Rousseff proclaims innocence, blasts VP.

Brazil's Dilma Rousseff defends record at impeachment trial. Rousseff prepares to testify at Brazil impeachment hearing.

Exclusive: Six senators urge Obama to prioritize cyber at G20 in China.

FBI detects breaches against two state voter systems.

New Cuba tourism seen slow to take off despite U.S. flights.

FARC, Colombia lay down arms after truce goes into effect. Farc's 'definitive' ceasefire takes effect in Colombia.
Venezuela opposition leader Daniel Ceballos sent to prison again.

Suspected rebels kill eight soldiers in ambush in Paraguay.

10,000th Syrian reaches US this week in resettlement program.

Maine Governor Paul LePage criticised for 'racist' remarks.

Clinton aide Abedin leaves husband Weiner after sexting report.


Zawahiri says jihadists should prepare for guerrilla war in Iraq.

Republicans slam Biden remarks on closing Gitmo.

Turkey extradites 5 Macedonians planning to join IS.

Australia unveils 'how-to' guide to fight militant propaganda.


Apple to show off new offerings on Sept. 7.

Solid U.S. consumer spending boosts prospect of Fed rate hike.

FAA forecast: 600,000 commercial drones within the year.

China wants a successful G20 but suspects West may derail agenda.

Bookings down for terror-hit tourist countries.

Kim Dotcom calls for livestream of extradition appeal.

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