Tuesday, September 13, 2016

10 Year $38 Billion Aid Package To Be Signed Between The U.S. And Israel

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval office of the White House in Washington November 9, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Reuters: Record new U.S. military aid deal for Israel to be signed in days: sources

The United States and Israel have reached final agreement on a record new package of at least $38 billion in U.S. military aid and the 10-year pact is expected to be signed within days, sources close to the matter told Reuters on Tuesday.

The deal will represent the biggest pledge of U.S. military assistance ever made to any country but also includes major concessions granted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to officials on both sides.

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1 comment:

B.Poster said...

This doesn't look like a good deal either for the US or Israel. Perhaps this deal makes sense financially for the elites in both countries but from a national security perspective for both countries this looks like a bad deal.

Israel is the primary buffer between America and dome of it's most dangerous enemies. To weaken Israel means weakening this buffer which only makes it harder and more costly to defend America.

The provision limiting what Israel can spend on Israeli made weapons is bad all the way around. It makes little sense for Israel to buy inferior American made weapons that aren't suited to Israel's defense needs when superior Israeli made weapons are available.

I would suggest reducing the aid package to say 2.5 biliion annually with the provision that Israel spend 85% on weapons produced in Israel. This allows Israel to spend the money in ways that better enhance the security of America and Israel rather t b an on American weapons that are less able to meet Israel's security needs and it saves the US money as well, a win/win all the way around.