Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5 Great American Military Victories And 5 Great Defeats

Robert Farley, National Interest: America's 5 Greatest Military Victories (and 5 Most Shocking Defeats)

The American military is clearly the most dominant force on the planet--maybe the most lethal ever. Armed with nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, submarines, a fleet of drones and a massive army and air force, it would win in almost any circumstance--at least on paper. But that has not always been the case, and sometimes not even being the best in the world can crush a committed foe who will stop at nothing to win in combat.

So what were some of America’s biggest military victories? What ranks as the worst losses? Below, Dr. Robert Farley, in a series of two articles combined into one post for your reading pleasure, gives us his picks.

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WNU Editor: Honourable mentions .... the first Iraq War (Desert Storm) was a decisive victory. The battle and defeat at the Kasserine Pass in 1943 was a major defeat.

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