Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Look At The Russian Military's 5 Most Lethal Weapons

RS-24 Yars ICBM. Sputnik

Kyle Mizokami, National Interest: Russia’s 5 Most Lethal Weapons of War in 2030

Russia’s military is on the brink of transformation—or not. The Russian government has big plans for revamping its forces, planning to replace 70 percent of its equipment by 2020. New fighters, bombers, aircraft carriers, destroyers and nuclear weapons would flow to the Russian Armed Forces, boosting their ability to protect their borders and operate in the “near abroad” of the former Soviet socialist republics, and in farther-away locations such as Syria.

Those plans, spurred by high oil prices and a booming Russian economy, have since fallen apart, due to falling oil prices and Western-imposed sanctions. Still, a number of intriguing projects are sitting on the drawing table and could enter service by 2030 if things turn around.

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WNU Editor: If it was not for Russia's nuclear forces .... their military would be viewed as a major (but not significant) military power.

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James said...

I just love the visual of fire extinguishers on nukes. I know they're necessary but...............