Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Look At The Shrinking U.S. President

US President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks to the media on the situation in Iraq on the South Lawn of the White House, before his departure for vacation at Martha's Vineyard, in Washington August 9, 2014. — Reuters

John Robson, National Post: Barack Obama: The incredible shrinking president

While presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump loom horrifyingly larger, can we spare a little horror as U.S. President Barack Obama looms ever smaller? No, I’m not sorry he’s leaving. I’m alarmed at a series of recent foreign policy humiliations showing just how badly the incredible shrinking president has damaged America’s standing in this turbulent world of ours.

First, emerging from the back door of Air Force One at the G20 in China after local functionaries literally denied him a red carpet. Second, begging Russian President Vladimir Putin for help on Syria and getting chlorine gas. Third, being told off by the president of Turkey over American support for Kurds in Syria. Fourth, being cussed out by the president of the Philippines.

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WNU Editor: I cannot think of one foreign government or leader that feels sorry/sad/disappointed that President Obama's term of office will soon be ending .... not one. But I can think of dozens who either do not care that he is leaving .... or are glad that he will soon be gone. President Obama may have connected with enough Americans to win the Presidency twice, but he definitely does not have that connection with the rest of the world.


Anonymous said...

Quite a few actually. .he's highly regarded in Germany, Canada, western world, Vietnam, etc.
It should come as no surprise that the nations he didn't back down to won't miss him.. what's new is that the new government in England won't miss him. ..but. ..that's a government that wouldn't have missed any president that stands for international trade deals and UN type of supernational bodies. ..they want to go their own way no matter if Obama or someone else... I really don't agree with many things Obama did, but history will be very very kind to him and believe me. ..you will miss him too, no matter if Clinton or Trump will be next

Daniel said...

I think Obama is quite popular in the "liberal world", i.e. west of Poland, in places where enough of the population speak the same aspirational progressive internationalist language as he does. Elsewhere, well, he has had his day and is considerably less well-liked now that the novelty has worn out.