Friday, September 2, 2016

A New Alignment Is Happening In The Islamic State War That Leaves The U.S. Out In The Cold

Roy Gutman and Michael Weiss, Daily Beast: Obama Is Outmaneuvered in ISIS War

Switching partners: Ankara’s intervention, with tacit Russian backing, has raised tensions with Washington.

ISTANBUL — Turkey’s week-old intervention into northern Syria, which began with the successful expulsion of the Islamic State terror group from the border town of Jarablus, could be the beginning of the end for the Islamic State terror group’s haven in northern Syria.

But it may also be the beginning of the demise of the People’s Protection Units or YPG, the Kurdish militia that has been fighting ISIS with U.S. military support.

The Turkish intervention revealed the outlines of a dramatic shift in the international landscape surrounding the world’s most deadly conflict.

The picture now emerging was inconceivable just weeks ago: Russia, which has taken severe criticism for bombing civilian targets, has gained the initiative at U.S. expense.

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WNU Editor: Shifting alliances are nothing new in the Middle East .... but this shift caught Washington by surprise. My guess is that the White House never thought that the Turks and Russians would reconcile this quickly and this decisively.


RRH said...

It appears Turkey may be seeing the forest through the trees.

As for the the U.S. and puppets, like Canada,

The will be left out in the cold in more ways than one.

Especially if they listen to those who believe it's perfectly fine to sell out to the U.S. but China should be kept at arms length

Aizino Smith said...

"Obama Is Outmaneuvered in ISIS War"

Obama was maneuvering?

Posturing is not the same thing as maneuvering.