Saturday, September 17, 2016

A 'Ronald Reagan' In South Africa?

Jason Burke, The Guardian: Surprise Johannesburg mayor sets out to transform the city in his image

Tycoon Herman Mashaba wants to ‘turn the city into a construction site’ employing his own unapologetically rightwing principles

At 11.41am on Friday, Herman Mashaba, the new mayor of Johannesburg, sent an email to all the top officials of South Africa’s sprawling, chaotic commercial capital.

The tycoon, who took office in the city of 5 million people less than a month ago, ordered more visible policing, a clean-up campaign, repairs to roads and a dedicated civil servant to liaise with private property developers.

“In the next few days, not weeks, you will see some big improvements in the city,” the new mayor told the Guardian 20 minutes later during an interview in his downtown office.

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WNU Editor: Herman Mashaba and his coalition ousted the long standing ANC representatives that have been ruling Johannesburg for years .... not an easy feat. This tells me that his message has appealed to a lot of black South Africans who are tired of the same rhetoric and promises from the ANC .... and who are yearning to try something different. only time will tell .... but I hope that he can deliver.

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