Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Russian Military Expert's Brutal Assessment On The Ineffectiveness Of The Syrian Army

Syrian soldier. (TASS)

Middle East Monitor: Russian colonel: ‘Syrian Army has known no military victories’

In a scathing analytical piece published yesterday, a Russian military expert has written that he believes that the Syrian regime lacks the morale and expertise to defeat the armed opposition to President Bashar Al-Assad’s rule.

Writing for the popular Russian language media outlet,, retired Colonel Mikhail Khodarenok blasted the Syrian armed forces for shirking their combat duties in order to extort and extract “bribes at checkpoints”.

“The actual fighting against opposition groups is mostly done by Syrian militias, the Lebanese Hezbollah Shia units [and] Iranian and Iraqi volunteers”, Khodarenok said, adding that the Assad regime still does not control “a majority of [Syrian] towns and villages”.

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WNU Editor: If you understand Russian the link to this assessment is here .... and it is brutal. So why the post .... and posted on the day of the U.S. - Russian Syrian ceasefire agreement .... I cannot help but sense that the groundwork is now being laid for the eventual withdrawal of most Russian troops from Syria .... and this is the Kremlin's  media relations campaign to justify it.

Update: This is an interesting analysis .... Analysis: Syria Deal Offers Hope, but Russia Calling Shots (AP).


Jac said...

I am sure you know much more than myself on "Russian thinking", but I have a hard time to believe Russia let the ground free after all what they did. Why?

RRH said...

Maybe Editor...

But they pinned a medal on the Tiger.

And you can bet there are more tigers where that one came from.