Tuesday, September 20, 2016

All Sides In Iraq Are Preparing For The Battle For Mosul

The Independent: Isis digs in behind Mosul moat as battle for city looms

The group has been working hard this month to dig a 2m x 2m trench along the city’s perimeter

Isis is building a moat around Mosul in northern Iraq, in preparation for a long, hard battle against US-backed Iraqi government forces for the biggest city in the jihadists’ self-proclaimed caliphate.

The city of 2 million fell to the militants in 2014 in a lightning advance, and the offensive to recapture it will be the biggest battle Isis has ever fought.

Residents say the fighters have been sealing off entire districts and building a network of tunnels across the city to obstruct government troops.

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Aizino Smith said...

They have 40 days to get there.

Maybe the IEDS and mud (potential) means nothing. ISIS supposedly already pulled their families out. They may not have the heart to fight.