Thursday, September 29, 2016

Amnesty International: Sudan's Government Is Using Chemical Weapons In Darfur

Amnesty International: Sudan: Credible evidence of the use of chemical weapons to kill and maim hundreds of civilians including children in Darfur revealed

An Amnesty International investigation has gathered horrific evidence of the repeated use of what are believed to be chemical weapons against civilians, including very young children, by Sudanese government forces in one of the most remote regions of Darfur over the past eight months.

Using satellite imagery, more than 200 in-depth interviews with survivors and expert analysis of dozens of appalling images showing babies and young children with terrible injuries, the investigation indicates that at least 30 likely chemical attacks have taken place in the Jebel Marra area of Darfur since January 2016. The most recent was on 9 September 2016.

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So WNU what is your point?

Amnesty international wrung their hands and bleated.

The Hague said they were going to meet in a few weeks. No sense of urgency there.

The UN and African Union mission are on the scene and ...

No BAlls/No Brains George Clooney weighed in. Well, he does have a piece.

I am sure Hillary born in 1947, who was named after Sir Hillary who only became widely known in 1953, will take all 7 million affected Dharfurians in.

Khartoum will get its land in the name of the Arabs and Muslims and Hillary will have non-Americans, whose birth right was American citizenship. RRH will applaud and breakmpout into profuse celebration.