Sunday, September 4, 2016

Boeing Was Paid $2 Billion In Bonuses For Its Flawed Missile Defense System

L.A. Times: A flawed missile defense system generates $2 billion in bonuses for Boeing

From 2002 through early last year, the Pentagon conducted 11 flight tests of the nation’s homeland missile defense system.

In the carefully scripted exercises, interceptors of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, or GMD, were launched from underground silos to pursue mock enemy warheads high above the Pacific.

The interceptors failed to destroy their targets in six of the 11 tests — a record that has prompted independent experts to conclude the system cannot be relied on to foil a nuclear strike by North Korea or Iran.

Yet over that same timespan, Boeing Co., the Pentagon’s prime contractor for GMD, collected nearly $2 billion in performance bonuses for a job well-done, the Los Angeles Times has learned.

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WNU editor: I would love to know who signed onto that in the Pentagon .... and what are they doing today.


RRH said...

U.S. delegates brought their bad attitude to Hangzhou.

Putin brought ice cream.

RRH said...

"Thank you very much for the gift, for the tasty ice-cream."

Ha ha ha,
Too much.
I love it!

Jac said...

Business as usual.......