Thursday, September 22, 2016

China's Artificial Islands In The South China Sea Are A Bigger Deal Than What Has Been Reported

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Range arcs depicting potential coverage of HQ-9 SAMs, YJ-62 ASCMs, and DF-21 ballistic missiles from China’s larger South China Sea island bases.

Thomas Shugart, War On the Rocks: China's Artificial Islands Are Bigger (And A Bigger Deal) Than You Think

Surely you have heard the news — China has been dredging up coral reefs and creating artificial islands in the South China Sea with the purpose of enforcing their claims to “indisputable sovereignty” of their “Nine Dash Line”, and has defiantly continued to do so in the face of legal condemnation by the Hague’s Permanent Court of Arbitration. While the reactions of the United States and other nations to China’s island-building campaign have been vocal, some U.S. analysts and experts have been largely dismissive of the new islands’ potential effects on the regional balance of power. A recent RAND study stated:

[T]hese facilities could host a handful of SAMs and fighter aircraft…[but] they are unlikely to be a significant factor in high-intensity military operations against U.S. forces beyond the first hours of a conflict.

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WNU Editor: If this analysis is correct .... China has already achieved their objective of being the undisputed power in the South China Sea, and to now have the means to impose and enforce restrictions on anyone  travelling through this region (by boat or air).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for confirming my note of earlier today:

"The real game out there is surviving global climate change and resource scarcity. China gets it and is moving with alacrity to accumulate the hard assets needed to seize and hold trade routes and basic resources. It will protect its interests and people against all comers while, at the same time, get even with those powers who humiliated their country in the past."

Appreciate the positive feedback.

Aizino Smith said...

China survives global climate change by creating it.

Psych out!

China is building 2,400 coal plants.

Meanwhile Odumba is putting Americans out of work.

Odumba will be putting American workers out work next summer and fall. It is already in the cards. Lag effect. Thx Odumba

He is just that good at being stupid.

Anonymous said...

AZ: You wear your ignorance like a fine shirt. China is modernizing at an incredible rate. It is working on its pollution problems.

Obama is awful but it does not have anything to do with China.

Enjoy the Anthropocene!

Jay Farquharson said...

Yup, China has more green energy that North America combined, and is now the global leader in wind and solar technology.

RRH said...

And will push forward with that technology along the OBOR.

Noble Bloodsworth said...

First it was global warming. But then they bailed on that argument and now refer to something more nebulous called "climate change."

Of course climate changes. It was dark and cool last night. Now it's sunny and warm. You might argue about future weather, but no one really can say for sure. Even the weatherman gets it wrong some of the time. This utter foolishness should be kept strictly to Chicken Little.

I wouldn't be surprised if the next argument was "climate stasis" or "gradual plate tectonic inching."

Aizino Smith said...

I have relatives in China.

The pollution is horrible.

Nothing has changed in 2 decades.

Keep dreaming.

More windmills is going to offset 2,400 coal plants?

Someone has been drinking some serious Kool Aid