Friday, September 23, 2016

Congress Passes Bill To Expose Wealth Of Iranian Leaders But President Obama Has Vowed To Veto It

The Hill: House passes bill requiring report on Iranian leaders' assets

The House passed legislation on Wednesday requiring the Treasury Department to publicly list the known assets of top Iranian political and military leaders.

The bill, approved in a 282-143 vote, is meant to impose more transparency into how Iran's senior officials accumulate wealth, the legislation's supporters said.

President Obama has threatened to veto the legislation, however, as the White House argues that publishing the data could compromise intelligence methods and be perceived by Iran as an attempt to undermine the international nuclear deal.

“This bill would adversely affect the U.S. Government's ability to wield these tools, would undermine the very goals it purports to achieve, and could even endanger our ability to ensure that Iran's nuclear program is and remains exclusively peaceful,” the White House said in a Statement of Administration Policy.

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WNU Editor:
President Obama's determination to veto this legislation is curious .... should we know how wealthy Iran's leaders are .... and how the lifting the sanctions will benefit them? Apparently the White House believes that this information should be kept secret, and there are enough Democrats in Congress who will make sure that his veto will stick. But the curious part of this debate is that information on how wealthy Iran's leaders are has already been exposed (by Reuters) last year .... Is Iran's Supreme Leader Also The Country's Richest Person? (September 15, 2015). Bottom line .... Iran's leaders are filthy rich, and the nuclear deal will only make them richer.


RussInSoCal said...

Obama: the gift that keeps gifting. All he's doing is providing Trump with yet another election issue with which to cudgel both himself and Hillary Clinton. Appearing to protect-at-all-costs a despised (in the US) Iranian regime, will only buttress Trump. And Trump - being the veteran television professional that he is - will use it to his utmost advantage. Like he does with pretty much every other misstep by the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heart

Trump? wow. Small wonder he will not show his taxes between his connection to Russia and the 4 thousand accounts under his name in Panama Papers.

Obama does not want to reveal this because he does not want Iran to know how we get hold of such materials...You would, I assume, like to be the next Snowden.

Aizino Smith said...

Are the Iranian religious leaders pious and do they truly believe?

Many people would question their piety and belief, if they seem to grub after every last dollar/rial although they are fabulously wealthy.

It might cause unrest and hurt their ability to rule, to lord it over others.