Thursday, September 22, 2016

Could Pakistan And India Go To War

CNN: Could India and Pakistan go to war?

New Delhi (CNN)Could India and Pakistan really go to war? It almost seems an absurd question to ask.

After all, both countries have long been nuclear powers -- a deterrent that encompasses the lives of a combined 1.4 billion people. Both nations have also seen some years of relative peace along their border, a break from the wars that pockmarked the 20th Century.

And yet, hours after 18 were killed in an attack on an army base in Indian-administered Kashmir, the director-general of military operations for the Indian Army announced that the terrorists carried gear which had "Pakistani markings."

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WNU Editor: They have had more than their share of wars since independence .... Indo-Pakistani wars and conflicts (Wikipedia) .... so another war is very possible. But I do not see it happening with the current governments in power .... and I definitely do not see any groundswell among the civilian population for such a conflict.


Anonymous said...

I hope so

Anonymous said...

If you ask people of india.....overwhelmingly yes, Indian millitary is eagerly waiting to eat pakistan, only thing that is stopping government of india to give those orders is NUKES

B.Poster said...

I'm pretty sure the same thing applies to Pakistan and the only stopping them is NUKES. Which leads to another point albeit off topic is still valid.

If countries like South Korea and Japan had NUKEs this would very likely put some fear and trepidation into the likes of nations like North Korea and China. These nations know the United States is not going to use its NUKES to defend the likes of nations like Japan and South Kor4ea from attack and the US understands to use nukes in this situation would invite a nuclear reprisal from the likes of Russia, China, and North Korea. Furthermore the US and its "allies" cannot win a conventional war against or all of the above powers. Everyone understands this. At least the above mentioned adversaries do. Hence they are free to do whatever, anything, and everything they want at any time without any fear or thought of significant reprisals against them.

A nuclear armed Japan and South Korea should help greatly toward a peaceful resolution of both the South Korea/North Korea conflict as well as a resolution of the challenges of the South China Sea. At the very least, it is going to limit the ability of countries such as North Korea and China to act with complete impunity thus putting a check on their power that currently does not exist which in turn should make peaceful resolutions of these conflicts far more likely.

fazman said...

Great points except that the u.s and her allies would convincingly beat the aforementioned adversaries quite convincingly in any conventional war, without cost no. , but convincingly yes.

Anonymous said...

B.poster india has adopted no first use policy of nuclear wepons, soo the factor of NUKES won't applyes to pakistan while attacking india, pakistanis fear indian millitary, that is the reason why they don't attack india.....not NUKES