Thursday, September 1, 2016

Did Iran Need The Nuclear Deal?

© Sputnik/ Valeriy Melnikov

John Grady, USNI News: Iran Needed the Nuclear Deal

The plunging price of oil, the escalating costs of its intervention in Syria and the dramatic effect economic sanctions were having on its economy, “the last thing the Iranians were going to do was walk” away from nuclear arms talks, the author of a new book on relations between Washington and Tehran contends.

Jay Solomon, a veteran foreign correspondent of The Wall Street Journal, said even with that leverage the United States the Iranians “played that game very effectively.” This included allowing its nuclear power program to continue. The agreement also placed no restraints with new consequences on its missile and conventional weapons development or on its support of Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen

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WNU Editor: Everyone wanted this deal for their own reasons .... the U.S. to lower the probability of war and to hope that Iran will change in 10 years, Iran to get rid of sanctions, the other powers (Europe, China, Russia, etc.) for the trade and new markets that lifting sanctions would produce. The only ones who opposed the deal (Israel and the Gulf states) .... were not even involved or consulted during the talks .... so the fix was already in. Will this deal last the passage of time .... I do not know .... but I can see the day fast approaching that opponents of the deal may come to power (in both Iran and the U.S.), and that future historians may look at the deal as a noble cause .... but not possible with the current political situation in the Middle East.


James said...

They have a bomb, it is delivery capabilities that are crucial.

Anonymous said...

The Iran deal only guarantees one thing: that in 10 years (9, now) Tehran will be fully armed and ready for a proper war. Everything else is just hopes and assumptions.