Thursday, September 1, 2016

FBI Warns Trump And Clinton Staff That They Are Prime Targets For Foreign Spies

ABC News: FBI Warns Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Staffers to Beware of Foreign Spies in US

Be careful when you're meeting new people in the nation's capital and elsewhere, because you could be a prime target for foreign spies.

That's the warning FBI agents gave to presidential campaign staffers Wednesday during two separate security briefings in Washington, D.C., according to sources.

While the briefings were portrayed as routine, they come amid increasingly aggressive efforts by foreign governments to access U.S. secrets and potentially influence upcoming elections here.

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Update: Democrats ask the FBI to investigate Trump advisers’ Russia ties (Josh Rogin, Washington Post)

WNU Editor: This is so true .... The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming! (Glenn Reynolds, USA Today).


B.Poster said...

So What if team Trump has some members with Russian "ties." We have very bad relations with Russia right now. To accomplish many of the things we need to accomplish we are going to need constructive relations with the Russians.

As such, a prudent leader who understands this is going to naturally seek out advisors and other team members who have constructive relations with Russian leaders whom they may be inclined to trust in order to try and facilitate an understanding with the Russians thus giving us a possibility of improving the relationship.

Jay Farquharson said...

>>>In other words, by all appearances there is no evidence to specifically tie these hacks even to Russian criminals, much less the Russian state. But the prior panic about the DNC hack led to a lower trigger for alerts on a specific kind of target, voter rolls, which in turn has fed the panic such that most news outlets have some kind of story suggesting this is a Russian plot to steal our election (by stealing 200K voter files?). It’s like finding Russian life on Mars based on the shadows you see in the sand.

It’s not the Russians who are raising questions about the voting integrity — beyond questions that have persistently been raised for 15 years which have already justifiably lowered confidence in our voting system. It is shitty reporting.

So I’m going to join in. These ETs 95 light years away? I’m positive they want to steal our election.<<<

Long story tearing the meme apart here:

Sadly, the MSM has become a combination of Pravda and Investa, with neither pravda or investa.