Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton Will Not Accept Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's To Visit Mexico

New York Times: Hillary Clinton Says She Won’t Visit Mexico Before Election

MEXICO CITY — Hillary Clinton said Monday that she would not visit Mexico before the November election, delivering another setback to President Enrique Peña Nieto a week after he faced furious criticism at home for receiving Donald J. Trump.

In an interview with ABC News, Mrs. Clinton said she was declining the invitation from the Mexican president so that she could “focus on what we’re doing to create jobs here at home, what we’re doing to make sure Americans have the best possible opportunities in the future.”

Her decision is sure to prolong the condemnation that Mr. Peña Nieto has faced for his decision to meet Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, who has made criticism of Mexicans and Mexico a focus of his campaign.

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Update #1: Clinton rejects Mexico invitation after Trump's diplomatic ruckus (Reuters)
Update #2: 'He choked': Hillary and Bill Clinton gang up on Trump for 'causing a diplomatic incident' during Mexico trip and acting weak for not discussing his wall promise with country's president (Daily Mail)

WNU Editor: Donald Trump responds .... 'I don't choke, she chokes': Donald Trump says Clinton 'would have a total failure' if she went to Mexico to meet with the country's president and insists he'll build the wall (Daily Mail). What's my take .... she believes that she has already locked the Hispanic vote which means that there is nothing for her to gain if she goes to Mexico .... so why go.


rjbrash said...

Besides, Mexico is on her list of countries to annex! :-)

B.Poster said...

Not sure exactly how she plans to "annex" Mexico. If anything, whole swaths of the USA are at risk of being annexrd by Mexico.

The de facto invasion of the USA from the south MUST stop. A sizeable portion of the invaders ftom Mexico have advanced military training. Essentially without a substantial military/security presence in the border regions the people living there don't stand a chance.

Whether it entails building the wall, enhanced border security, reforming the US welfare state to remove some of the incentives of the invading force, renegotiating trade agreements to enhance economic opportunities in Mexico in order to remove financial incentives for the invaders, or some combibation of all of these things the invasion of the US from the south MUST STOP!!

As for annexing Mexico or portions of it, while nation states have done this when faced with an invasion force in order to preserve their civilization. In tnis particular case, this isn't going to be feasible for at least two reasons. 1.) The world will NOT allow the United States to annex ANY portion of Mexico. We've seen how the world reacted to the annexatikn of Crimea by Russia. The rage directed againat America for annexing any portion of Mexico would be MANY times that dirdcted against Russia for annexing Crimea. 2.)The US military is badly worn down from continuing operations in terms of both men and equipment. As such, it would be unable to execute such a mission.