Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How Did The NYC Bomber Travelled to Pakistan Undetected By U.S.?

Shane Harris, Daily Beast: Ahmad Khan Rahami, Accused NYC Bomber, Traveled to Pakistan Undetected by U.S.

Ahmad Khan Rahami was not on terror watch lists that would’ve alerted authorities to his travel outside the United States.

ELIZABETH, New Jersey — Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man arrested for this weekend’s series of bombings in New York and New Jersey, had traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan several times without detection by the U.S. government, officials told The Daily Beast.

Rahami’s travels and time spent in Pakistan are the subject of intense scrutiny by U.S. investigators who are now trying to determine whether the suspect became radicalized during his travel and what connections, if any, he may have had to foreign terrorist organizations or militants.

Rahami has made at least three and possibly four trips to Pakistan over the past 10 years, one official said. It’s not clear where he traveled within the country and particularly if he spent time in areas near the border with Afghanistan that have been the frequent target of U.S. drone strikes aimed at terrorist groups.

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WNU Editor: The answer to how did the NYC bomber travelled to Pakistan undetected and unknown to U.S. authorities is simple .... there are just too many people for them to track, and the FBI's  resources are very limited.


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So lets go the Odumba route and invite more impossible to track people to the U.S.

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