Tuesday, September 27, 2016

India And Pakistan Are Threatening A 'Water War'

Reuters: Pakistan warns of 'water war' with India if decades-old treaty violated

Pakistan would treat it as "an act of war" if India revoked the Indus Water Treaty regulating river flows between the two nations, Pakistan's top foreign official said on Tuesday.

Tension has been mounting between the nuclear-armed neighbors since at least 18 Indian soldiers in the disputed Kashmir region were killed this month in an attack that New Delhi blames on Pakistan.

India on Tuesday summoned Pakistan's High Commissioner in New Delhi to inform him about two men from Pakistan now in Indian custody who it alleges helped gunmen cross the disputed Kashmir border before the attack. Pakistan denies involvement in the raid and has urged India to conduct a proper investigation.

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Anonymous said...

Indians are the most shameless people in this world. Indian soldiers will keep on dying but the govt will keep on crying and showing their weakness and continue playing politics internally. The biggest shame was when indian citizens were trapped in POK and till date they are being tortured and murdered and turned into terrorists. But neither the indian govt did anything to protect them or protect their constitution rights nor the weak people of india did anything.indian soldiers are brain washed to call india bharat mata and then sent to border at mere 15000 salary without backups to die at hand of pakistan trained terrorists. What a shameful breed are indians. Take that nuclear bomb and donate it to baba ramdev cause your no first use policy is useless and shows that you are real weak piece of shit breed. You indians are real shameless people. You will allow muslims to kill cows in your country and play politics with it for vote bank. Real shameless indian.

Anonymous said...

Every one knows that entire gandhi family are the biggest indian traitors starting from nehru who had an honourable Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose killed, separated kashmir, separated south india allowing no use of hindi because of which the south indians are still hating north due to lack of understanding the language. They are radicalised. Sonia gadha's son in law was given diplomatic bypass to take valuable treasures to italy and no one did anything. You all laugh at pappu but the truth is that the gadha family has been making the pappu of every indian citizen and you all just laugh about it in poverty instead of siezing their property ang hanging them. That is why india is a country with 60% traitors as they know traitors are rewarded big time and like nehru's photo, theirs will also be worshipped in schools and govt buildings. Real shameless indian.

Anonymous said...

And finally with full respect to modi ji. You will hardly find gujaratis in military as they are afraid of war because they are made to do business only and are weak in fighting. These gujarati thoughts might have taken a toll on your mind also. So moght be good in bringing business but not in war. BUT IF I WAS THE SUPREME COMMANDER OF INDIA I WOULD KNOW IN MY MIND THAT I AM READY FOR WAR WITH A SANE MIND AND CAPABLE OF DEFEATING PAKISTANI BACTERIA AND ITS SUBSEQUENT ALLIES NO MATTER HOW BIG IT IS AT ANY TIME. May God be with you Modi ji.