Thursday, September 8, 2016

Inside The Hardcore World Of Military Simulations

Vocativ: War Games: Inside The Hardcore World Of Military Simulations

Severed heads, realistic guns, and a 300-lb man wishing for Obama's death. Welcome to America's next big sport

Tom “Crossfire” O’Rourke is eagerly unpacking a prized item from this morning’s mission. Inside a styrofoam cooler labeled with a red biohazard sticker, he unveils a severed head packed in ice and dripping a thin red liquid.

“The Al Qaeda group was trying to get a body part that had Ebola,” Crossfire says. “Because they planned on using that as a weapon of mass destruction.”

Seated nearby is a man named Jolly. He speaks in a low, measured rumble, weighs nearly 300 pounds, and is hobbled by a visible limp. Jolly too is excited to show me the head.

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WNU Editor: It appears that a lot of people want to play soldier.

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