Saturday, September 10, 2016

Iran Has Not Responded To The U.S. - Russian Agreement For A Ceasefire In Syria

France 24: US-Russia ceasefire deal on Syria faces three key challenges

The complex Syria ceasefire deal agreed by the US and Russia faces numerous challenges, from the deep mistrust between rebels and regime to the web of actors drawn into the war.

After marathon talks, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced the deal late Friday in Geneva.

It aims to enforce a cessation of hostilities and increased aid access to desperate civilians, and lays the groundwork for joint US-Russia military action against jihadists.

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WNU Editor: Iran has always held the position that they want a military victory in the conflict .... not a negotiated compromise or agreement. As to their silence .... I suspect that they are not pleased with what they are seeing ... especially in view of past comments from the Iranian leadership stressing the need for a military victory.


Jac said...

Russian and American know that: why they are making a "simulation" of agreement? Kerry need to save the face even he knows that's useless.

opit said...

It is an interesting day when two foreign nations can agree to stop fighting in a third country which is having a sort of civil war against imported foreign mercenaries. In such a stew the question is more like " Shall we recess the farce ?"