Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Is American Blind To The Possibility Of A Nuclear Catastrophe?

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Mark Helprin, WSJ: The Gathering Nuclear Storm

Lulled to believe nuclear catastrophe died with the Cold War, America is blind to rising dragons.

Even should nuclear brinkmanship not result in Armageddon, it can lead to abject defeat and a complete reordering of the international system. The extraordinarily complicated and consequential management of American nuclear policy rests upon the shoulders of those we elevate to the highest offices. Unfortunately, President Obama’s transparent hostility to America’s foundational principles and defensive powers is coupled with a dim and faddish understanding of nuclear realities. His successor will be no less ill-equipped.

Hillary Clinton’s robotic compulsion to power renders her immune to either respect for truth or clearheaded consideration of urgent problems. Theodore Roosevelt’s secretary of state once said that he was “pure act” (meaning action). Hillary Clinton is “pure lie” (meaning lie), with whatever intellectual power she possesses hopelessly enslaved to reflexive deviousness.

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WNU Editor: Just an impression .... based on no facts but a gut feeling .... but after watching tonight's U.S. Presidential debate I had a flash that Hillary Clinton .... if elected President, will be the first since President Truman to use nuclear weapons.


Keeping Able said...

Reading Evan Thomas' "Ike's Bluff: President Eisenhower's Secret Battle To Save The World," it would appear from your impression that she just might be the first President since Harry Truman to use nuclear weapons, that she is creating precisely the right impression we want our President to communicate to the world.

Who would have guessed?

James said...

The current US administration behavior is political in nature rooted in domestic politics, which is a continuation of a time honored process used by both political parties. (The old saying what we need to to win the election and then mend foreign fences afterwards). I do though believe this administration has misjudged the situation and is making some very very bad moves. The world (take your pick where) has become a Frankenstein's brew where any number things in any number of places can take on lives of their own. This is a result of several administrations and several policies, but the current administration is really dropping the ball.
Now Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, just to name a few have all made moves that are virtually impossible to back away from without severe domestic implications for their respective leaders. In a sense their courses are predetermined and any outcome of the US election will have little difference.
We have come to a point that the defeat of ISIS will mean almost nothing. There are much larger plans and moves being made that could care less about ISIS.

thorsten ayen said...

Couldn't have said it better