Monday, September 5, 2016

Is Saudi Arabia Supporting Kurdish Rebels In Iran?

Image: BBC

Reuters: To Iranian eyes, Kurdish unrest spells Saudi incitement

A decision by a Kurdish opposition group to take up arms against Iranian authorities has senior officials in Tehran worrying that Saudi Arabia is seeking to undermine its stability in a deepening of their regional rivalry.

Riyadh denies the charge. But tension between the two countries is surging, with Saudi Arabia and Iran supporting opposite sides in wars in Syria and Yemen and rival political parties in Iraq and Lebanon. The contest has largely hewed along sectarian lines as mainly Shi'ite Iran and Saudi Arabia, a predominantly Sunni country, vie for influence.

That competition, officials in Tehran worry, has now spread inside their borders, thanks to what they fear is Riyadh's exploitation of the Islamic Republic's communal rifts.

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WNU Editor: Iran's Achilles heel has always been its many minority groups within the country .... the Kurds being one of many. Fermenting this type of strife can easily become  a huge headache for Tehran.

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Aizino Smith said...

Support the Arabs in the SE, the Baluchis in the SE, the Kurds in west, and the Azeris in the north.

I wonder if they regime is eating Farsi speakers faster than it is producing them (or relative to the minorities)?