Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Israel Is Denying Claims That One Of Its War Planes Have Been Shot Down Over Syria

Reuters: Israeli aircraft attack Syrian army position, Israel denies any shot down

Israel said its aircraft attacked a Syrian army position on Tuesday after a stray mortar bomb struck the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, and it denied a Syrian statement that a warplane and drone were shot down.

The air strike was a now-routine Israeli response to the occasional spillover from fighting in a five-year-old civil war, and across Syria a ceasefire was holding at the start of its second day.

Syria's army command said in a statement that Israeli warplanes had attacked an army position at 1 a.m. on Tuesday (2200 GMT, Monday) in the countryside of Quneitra province.

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WNU Editor: The Israelis are denying reports that one of their warplanes was shot down by Syria, but they are admitting that missiles were fired at their planes .... Israel says the Syrian army fired missiles at its jets but denies claim that aircrafts were downed (Business Insider).

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