Thursday, September 15, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 15, 2016

Russian Defense Ministry

Sputnik: US-Russia Airstrike Coordination in Syria Only at Combatant Commander Level

US Air Force Chief Gen. David Goldfein said that possible US-Russian coordination of airstrikes in Syria "is all in combatant commander lanes, in terms of the military aspect of it."

WASHINGTON (Sputnik), Leandra Bernstein — Any coordination of airstrikes in Syria between the United States and Russia will be worked out strictly at the level of US combatant commander, US Air Force Chief Gen. David Goldfein told Sputnik on Thursday.

Possible US-Russian coordination of airstrikes in Syria "is all in combatant commander lanes, in terms of the military aspect of it," Goldfein said.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 15, 2016

US-Russia to Coordinate Airstrikes on Both Nusra, Daesh in Syria -- Sputnik

Russian military launches live drone feed from Aleppo to monitor truce -- RT

CIA Director: ‘We don’t have the solutions’ for Syria -- Middle East Monitor

CIA Director: Resolving Syrian Crisis to Take ‘Number of Years to Come’ -- Sputnik

UK must stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia, say MPs -- BBC

Big US military aid package to Israel has strings attached -- CNBC

US adds F-15 to $38 billion military aid package for Israel -- Flight Global

US-Israeli military deal reinforces strategic alliance -- DW

How will US-Israel military deal affect Middle East? -- Inside Story/Al Jazeera

Armored Su-34 Will Become a 'Revolutionary' Ground Support Aircraft -- Sputnik

Russian carrier-based Su-33 fighters receiving new bombing computer -- IHS Jane's 360

Analysis: Russian Military Activities from South China Sea to Sevastopol -- USNI News

Indian, Russian Leaders To Discuss Big-Ticket Defense Projects -- Defense News

India’s Most Advanced Destroyer to be Fitted With Barak 8 and BrahMos Missiles -- Sputnik

NATO responds to Russian military on their risk reduction proposal -- TASS

Sweden ups defense of strategic Baltic island amid tensions -- AP

Swedish Military Distributes Gender Manual to Officers -- AP

Only 70% of NATO Members on Track to Meet Defense Spending Goal by 2024 -- Sputnik

EU executive: Bloc must do more in defense field -- AP

US to 'Do Its Utmost' to Hinder Set-Up of Independent European Army -- Sputnik

Sleek Zumwalt arrives in Norfolk on way to commissioning -- Navy Times

B-2 Bomber to Receive New Ejection Seats, Other Upgrades -- DoD Buzz

Navy Develops Laser Weapon Prototypes for Destroyers, Cruisers - maybe Carriers -- Scout Warrior

Northrop Grumman Awarded $108M Contract for 10 MQ-8C Fire Scouts -- USNI News

Army Dealing With More Recruits Who Haven’t Fired or Even Touched a Gun -- AP

Corps Needs Cash to Field New Helmet to All Marines -- Kit Up

McCain to White House: If You Won’t Establish a Cyber Defense Policy, Congress Will -- Defense One

House Intel panel to urge Obama not to pardon Snowden -- The Hill

'Star Trek'-style surveillance drone for the US military -- FOX News

Former CIA Officer: President Obama Should Pardon Edward Snowden -- Time

First female soldier in Green Beret training fails to complete the course -- Washington Times

The Pentagon Wants To Get Better At Spotting Photoshop -- Popular Science

When pork flies: The F-35, the Pentagon’s $1.1 trillion flying money pit, is (sort of) ready for duty -- Angelo Young, Salon

Obama, top leaders aren't discussing the military's biggest concern -- Jamie McIntyre, Washington Examiner

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