Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 20, 2016

Preparing to Load Up
Marines make their way to a MV-22 Osprey before taking part in a vertical assault training raid at Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C., Aug. 23, 2016. The Marines, assigned to Lima Company, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, are conducting predeployment training in preparation for the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit’s upcoming deployment. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Melanye E. Martinez

Christopher Prebble, War On the Rocks: New Rules for US Military Intervention

Any nation with vast power will be tempted to use it. In this respect, the United States is exceptional because its power is so immense. Small, weak countries avoid fighting in distant disputes; the risk that troops, ships, or planes sent elsewhere will be unavailable for defense of the homeland generally keeps these nations focused on more proximate dangers. The U.S. government, by contrast, doesn’t have to worry that deploying U.S. forces abroad might leave America vulnerable to attack by powerful adversaries.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 20, 2016

The U.S. military just froze its plans to cooperate with Russia in Syria -- Military Times

US military reacts to fragile Syria cease-fire, airstrike hitting Assad's forces -- FOX News

US-Led Strike on Syrian Army Included British, Danish, Australian Jets -- Military.com

CIA Director on recruitment in the fight against ISIS -- CBS

Russian Westernmost Strategic Missile Forces' Division to Receive Yars Missiles -- Sputnik

Russia’s Northern Fleet begins large scale drills involving combat ships, subs, aircraft -- TASS

NATO Rejects Russian Air-Safety Proposal for Planes in Baltic Region -- WSJ

NATO Air Chief 'Concerned' by Russia's Deployment of SAMs -- Military.com

NATO Chief Plans to Meet Russian Foreign Minister -- AP

Why does the EU need an army separate from NATO? -- Viktor Litovkin, Russia Beyond the Headlines/UPI

Siberian pair tried to sell CIA made-up military secrets – FSB source -- RT

Russia to deliver first four Su-35s to China in 2016, says report -- IHS Jane's 360

Military Superpower: China Muscling Up to the World -- Sputnik

Israel defense sector faces big hit after new U.S. aid agreement -- Reuters

New aircraft carriers after UK 'took great risk' -- SKY News

‘I want to face war crimes trial,’ says British Army major over Iraq allegations -- RT

B-21 Bomber Estimate By CAPE: $511M A Copy -- Breaking Defense

Officials Lukewarm on Unmanned Version of B-21 -- National Defense

F-35 May Require More Sophisticated Supply Chain -- DoD Buzz

F-35 Program Office Hopeful to Move Out on Ejection Seat Retrofit Plan This Fall -- Defense News

Air Force Huey Replacement Could Carry More Troops -- Defense News

McCain: Navy Should Replace Littoral Combat Ship -- Maritime Executive

The U.S. military will soon be using lasers to shoot down missiles -- Market Watch

U.S. Cybersecurity Gets a New Cyber Warrior General -- Modern War institute

Photos of the Submarine Internet Cables the NSA Probably Tapped -- WIRED

The Cyber Threat: Snowden—Ultimate Insider Threat Missed by NSA Security -- Washington Free Beacon

Can the NSA Stop the Next Snowden? -- The Atlantic

Pentagon to cover sex-reassignment surgery for transgender active-duty troops -- Military Times

Last Surviving 'Doolittle Raider' Takes Stage at Air Force Conference -- Military.com

Seapower Summit Will Focus On Relationships, Rule Of Law Amid Global Tensions -- Sam LaGrone, USNI News

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